How to get back on track?

“Always take the day off when in doubt”. I hear this a lot, but didn’t really see it in action until now. I was at the end of SSB I, and was in my recovery week. Felt kinda “meh” on Saturday, decided to to Fletcher (1:30 Z2) anyways. My HR was through the roof, but I still pushed thru. Woke up sunday with a bad head cold and am still stuck in it. How would you go about knowing when to begin SSB II and how bad is this week off after the recovery week going to hurt me?

Many existing threads to review:

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Long term, no difference.

Short term, maybe some minor fitness degradation but nothing you can’t easily make up for in SSB2. I’d just write off the rest of the week and see how you feel on Monday.

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Sounds to me like you just got sick. Don’t worry about the Z2 ride. Recover and get on it with SSB2 :+1:

First recover. When you feel better give yourself a couple of easy rides maybe a week. The start SSB2. You must understand that even if you rest during illness recovering from illness is a high stress event. You don’t recover from training.

SSB I HV in the recovery week I too was meh felt flat. Found that week very difficult. You have to remember, and I read the forum and others feelings, you’ve gone through a very hard block the physical toll and mental. Take another recovery day or do a Z2 ride.

I just attempted a ramp test today and it was a disaster, I didn’t even bother pushing myself to completion since FTP felt closer to VO2, and my heart rate was way higher than it should be for the efforts. Should I just retest in a week and continue with SSB 2 at my old FTP? Lower my FTP a bit for rest of week and retest? Suck it up and re-test to completion tomorrow, and accept whatever value it gives?

I completed every single workout without a problem except McAdie +1 at the very end (I think I was on the verge of sickness, put it off by the 1 hour recovery rides, and then got sick after the 1hr30min workout).

I looked thru the search function but it wasn’t conclusive.