Anyone ever felt like they gained fitness after being sick for a week?

So I recently went from being an ICU nurse to being an ER nurse… long story short I’ve been sick twice in one month after not being sick for 5 or so years. Thing is, each time I took it easy for a week but stayed on the bike at endurance pace. Last time and then also this time I hit the first well feeling week absolutely flying. I can’t explain it. I haven’t changed nutrition or anything. I’ve been doing SSBI low vol and was about to start II but actually got sick before the rest week. I thought maybe the weeks off acted like recovery but then again I don’t know if I had been training long enough or hard enough to warrant any gains. Thoughts?

Quite a few times I have experienced similar. Mostly gym related. I’ve had a week or two off for one reason or another, beit work, child or sickness, and been worried that I’ll have lost some fitness or wont be able to lift as heavy. Then I go back and I’m just as strong and feeling supreme or I’m even lifting heavier. :man_shrugging:t3:

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What you’re experiencing is a reduction in fatigue and an increase in form from a short break in training.


Yep, basically you have less fatigue from an effective recovery week so short term boost (bit like a taper)

I just recently experienced that. I took a very light week while I was sick in the middle of ssbmv1. The next week I was upping the intensity on over-unders because I was feeling so good. I probably shouldn’t have done that, because the boost.only seemed to last a little over a week.

Interesting thread.

I’ve got my first A race in 9 days. Just came down with chest infection yesterday. What are the chances I’ll be able to lay down 50 more watts for the time trial? This may be my one shot at 5W/Kg :wink:

haha I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!