Post Respiratory Illness Advice

I am currently on my first trading plan, a general build low volume and supplementing with 2-3 additional endurance rides a week. I hit the week 4 rest week which was largely endurance. Toward the middle of week 4 I became ill with a very nasty respiratory infection that left me in bed for 3 days. I’m just now (week 5, day 3 of the plan) feeling like I might even attempt a soft peddler and I have a feeling it’ll take me a week or so to even clear the rest of this junk out.

Looking at the schedule, there is VO2 max and long threshold work I couldn’t even fathom doing in the next week.

So, since the plan is only 8 weeks long, is it best to just abort the and ride endurance until I’m able to work back up or should I try to finish out the 8 week plan by just continuing to replace workouts with those I’m comfortable doing?

Much appreciate the feedback and support. Maybe the answer is obvious but I’m pretty bummed about not finishing the plan and am worried about having lost momentum.

In my opinion(everyone has one) its best to abort the the current training plan, do the easy cycling as you feel up to it for the remainder of the time and then start a new plan when the time come.


I got Covid in November with first negative test on 19th November. It’s only today that I returned to training with a VO2 max session. In between I started with a recovery ride, then moved onto Z2 gradually increasing duration, with some Z3 last weekend.

I would abandon your plan, do some easy riding when you feel ready to see where you are at, and only progress if all the signals are positive.


Thanks for your replies. Appreciate it. Canceled the plan. Working in building endurance slow.

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