Post event adaptation/ rest

Dear all,
I have a question about adaptation of next schedule,
I am in build phase but this weekend I have got a quite big event, TSS 231 and Garmin watch suggest to rest for 3 days….
The planned training did not adapt so I would have a strong vO2 , follow by 2 day on solid train also.
Should I follow my feelings or try to make it?

Always follow your feelings and never just stick to a plan because at some point it scheduled something.

If your normal daily TSS is 60 then I’d take a full day off and 2-3 days easy before resuming normal training (depending on how I feel).

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Hey @Luca_Bussolati,
Nice work on your recent event! It looks like you followed the plan prescribed by TrainerRoad pretty closely, which is what I would have recommended.

I’d like to just remind you that what our software is doing to train/prep you for events versus your Garmin could likely be very different. I’ve found that it’s common to see Garmin recommending substantial amounts of time off for recovery due to large amounts of strain from training and events. It’s important to know where you stand in your plan and when to have faith in what it’s recommending to you, and when to trust your gut and make adjustments, just as @NoonPower has mentioned.

Thanks Eddie,
I will take a swim today and be back on bike from tomorrow, another big event in 15 days coming then…

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