Training plan and TSS?


Sorry I m sure it has been answered many times but I couldn’t find it right away so apologies.
I did a longer outside ride on Saturday, this ride resulted in a higher TSS number than the TR workouts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday combined.
Obviously the workout from Saturday I didn’t do but what about the Sunday one? I honestly didn’t have the legs to do anything so I skipped it too.
My question is if this is fine or if I should have done something on Sunday?
The weekly TSS I reached.


Hmm. Well, it really depends on what training goals you were aiming for. If it’s simply putting some consistent efforts/ time in saddle in then meeting your weekly TSS is probably satisfactory.

TSS is an overall indicator of the workout stress. If you increase it by more than 10% a week, there is a chance of longer term fatigue building. If the extra ride is more than about 150 TSS , the recovery period is likely more than 1 day, other than maybe an active recovery ride.
I do back to back rides that are 170+, in the summer time and i have built up to this building my TSS from the winter of 450-500, and in the summer get to 650-700. This generally takes 3months from April to June, allowing me to peak July and August where my big events usually are.