Training plan adjustment advice

Hi all - I’m looking for some more opinions on structuring my workout plan for the next few weeks as I have a few conflicts and a known very stressful week of work to try and work around.

Public calendar link:

  1. I have three days this weekend without a bike and am planning on just cramming the workouts in the early part of the week. So far the workouts have been pretty easy, and the TSS is pretty manageable so I’m not too concerned about over-training by front-loading one week.

Bad idea? Good idea? If I do skip a workout should it be Over-Unders or VO2 intervals?

  1. I know a very stressful week of work coming up that is the second half of my recovery week and the first half of the second part of my build phase. I am concerned about doing a ramp test during this very stressful time.

Should I add in an additional recovery week and push back the start of the second half of build until the following week?

Or should I pull the first week back so I do the ramp test before the stressful week hits?

If I do push the start of the second part of my build plan a week back, I’ll be starting it during another week of travel (wedding season is killing me!) but I think I can work around it, and potentially bring a bike on that trip to get something in.

I’ve been going back and forth and back and forth with myself on this for days and would love to have some outside input!

I think it’s fine, just skip over unders and do the vo2.

don’t be; use it to destress. Just make sure you’ve done some riding before the test

great! problem solved

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