Possible Workaround to get adaptations while changing calendar within AT

I recently found out that by moving a workout within the calendar, you don’t get adaptations from it within AT.

I do shift work for a living and although I make my best guess when using plan builder, I almost always have to move 1-2 workouts a week to line up with my ever changing work schedule.

I’m wondering if I can change what I need to change and still get the adaptations by adjusting plan builder each week. Meaning, at the beginning of each week, I scroll back a few weeks to the start of the block. Open the “build” button (or wherever you are in your plan), readjust the core structure based on my work schedule for the week and hit save. So move the Tuesday workout to Thursday for example. It would be mildly annoying to do this each week but worth it if I get the adaptations.

Any thoughts? Will this work or would this still “break” the link within AT?

Thanks all!

As a workaround, why not just move the very next workout, complete it, let AT adapt your plan, then move the next, etc. seems like less work than having to always redo your plan.

I thought AT would adapt workouts as long as they were originally scheduled by Plan Builder, even if you move them (vice deleting and adding on another day - key distinction). If this capability does not yet exist then it needs to!

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^^ Agreed! I’d just keep your Plan Builder plan as-is, move your workouts as needed, and as as you complete those workouts, AT will consider their completion and the duration between workouts to adapt the following workouts. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks Ivy!

I was under the impression that moving a workout, even one from plan builder, “unlinked” it or something and it wouldn’t adapt.

I’m happy to be wrong though!

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Move those workouts to your heart’s desire! Keep in mind though that moving a harder workout further out (with more rest before it than you originally planned) may make that workout feel more difficult than it should, so make sure to speak to that as best as you can in your post-workout survey so that your adaptations are on point! Cheers.

UPDATE! We tested this again (it was a prior identified issue that we thought we had fixed), that fix isn’t live + ready. Sorry all, we’ll hustle to get it going again!

No Worries!

In the meantime, would my original suggestion work?

Thanks Ivy!

It would in theory work, I hate that its so arduous for you, though. Im so sorry, we’re jamming on this fix!!!

oh don’t worry about it. I love the product and fully understand it’s beta.

From my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it. The idea of just moving workouts as you plan to do them seems like the best compromise.

Continually adjusting the days of plan builder and letting it recalculate your plan led to a series of bugs for me, and the ultimate resolution from support was to delete the plan and start over.

Great to hear that the fix is coming so that moved workouts are still candidates for adaptation :slight_smile:

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Hi Ivy,

I was chatting with customer support about something else (they’ve been amazing as always) and mentioned the calendar thing. They said that as long as the moves stay within the same week, it AT should still work just fine. Not sure if that’s a recent fix or was always the case (we weren’t specific above where we moved workouts) but I thought I’d pass it along.

Thanks again for your help

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I was thinking about this:

If i need to pull forward - just manually add the workout I want to pull forward. Execute. Delete the future ride. Accept adaptations.

If I need to push out - skip it. Reject adaptations, manually add and execute the workout. Accept adaptations.

What is the current status of moving WOs using PL and AT? Next week I’ll start my indoor training season and will be using PL for the first time. Due to ‘life’ I often need to move things around, but I would still like to get the adaptations. There are also places where PL has put the Ramp Test towards the end of the week, so I need to re-arrange (see example below).

I haven’t heard anything new. But I haven’t had any trouble moving things around within the same week. Hope that helps and good luck!

This issue has been fixed! Moving workouts no longer disassociates them from Adaptations. Enjoy!


Excellent! In week 1 right now and have already had to move things around so this is very good news for me :slight_smile:

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Hi everybody, just one question regarding moving a workout within a plan. For example, if I move forward a workout or all the workouts planned in a week, are there any problems with regards to the AT? Does the AT work only and exclusively with the original training plan? Thanks.

Manually dragging workouts is functional and keeps AT connected.

They fixed the prior problem where they got “broken” if you dragged them around.