Moving rides whilst using AT

I’ve had a little time off the bike whilst I moved home and had a couple of family holidays. Looking to get my training space setup this week and embark on new training plan next week.

A bug bear when last using AT was that I often have to re-arrange my rides. Wife is a nurse and her shifts are all over the place so one week I’ll be able to train mon - wed - fri, the next will be tues - thurs - sat for eg. Just in case not obvious, I’m on the low volume plans.

In the past when I’ve moved rides in the calendar the AI in AT doesn’t appear to recognise them, so I will have completed say an 4.5 level ride at ease but it doesn’t update the upcoming rides/ or I’ll struggle on a ride and it doesn’t knock my future rides down.

Is there a correct way of moving rides about in the calendar whilst still using AT.

Thanks in advance

That problem you describe was present at one time, but has been resolved for quite a while. You can freely move workouts around on your calendar and they will remain linked within AT and adapt correctly as a result.

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Thanks for the quick response!

Sorry to question further, when you say quite a while - how long?

I last used approx 6 weeks ago and was having this problem.


  • I fail at memory tests like this. I’d have to do a search to know for certain, but…
    • (I will try a search and report back if I find something.)
  • I am fairly certain the “fix” was before that timeframe. If you were experiencing problems then (or do again now), I suggest contacting TR support so they can review the issue(s).
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  • Found it.
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Thanks Chad, much appreciated!

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Closing this thread just to keep forum tidy and prevent duplicate threads. Cheers!

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