Calendar software help

Hey everyone! I have a question about the functionality of the calendar and rearranging plans. When we select a plan the software prompts for days/workout type and duration to be set for the plan, is there a way to change these selections without deleting the whole plan? My personal example is now that my “weekends” fall in the middle of the week I want to put my longer rides on those days but the only way I see to do that is to manually re-arrange each week while this is not he worst option it is very tedious. Thanks for any help

DId you try to shuffle the workouts as shown at 19:42?

Yes i did that when i started the plan, but know that I’m in to the build phase and my workout availability has changed, I would like to change the workouts going forward with out having to delete the plan and lose the data.

Ok, if you wany to change mid-plan, that a manual job.

You may be able to delete the existing plan (which leaves all completed workouts). Then add a Build again from desired finish date, shuffle the days again and it may backfill to your current week.