My account is no longer adapting my workouts

I’ve been enrolled in adaptive training since march. Love it. However, the program hasn’t suggested any adaptions to my plans for the last month or two despite me failing several workouts in a row and then taking some time off. I tried disabling and the tee a long the feature but no dice.

Am I doing something wrong?

A few things to consider are below.

  1. Did you set up your plan with Plan Builder? Only plans set up through Plan Builder will suggest adaptations. Simply picking one of the stock plans and adding it to your calendar manually will not result in adaptations so as far as I am aware.

  2. Did you move your workouts around on the calendar? Moving workouts after your plan has been set by Plan Builder breaks them out of PB and makes any workouts moved in this way ineligible for adaptations (although they should still provide credit to Progression Levels).

  3. Have you been doing your workouts outside? Depending on several factors, these workouts may or may not contribute to your progression levels and therefore may or may not trigger adaptations for future workouts. Outdoor workouts on Wahoo are not fully supported by AT yet. Outdoors on Garmin works for some but not all, based on user comments in the Adaptive Training threads.

If none of the above applies to you, it’s always worth shooting an email over to They’ll be able to clarify what’s going on and troubleshoot your issues.


now you tell me lol.

so i’ve been in AT for weeks doing a stock plan and its not even adaptive??? and you mean to say if i move a sunday SS workout to a friday, then it drops out of AT??? i move stuff about regularly depending on life, and add rides in. but AT no likey?


It’s Beta, things are clunky.

Not adapting due to Moving around workouts is plain dumb. I moved a few around today and still get checking for adaptations when I log in to the ios beta app but we will see as I complete a few.

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Correct. You’ll need to add plans with Plan Builder to get them to adapt. Best practice for moving workouts is to wait until the day of the workout to move it to where you want it to make sure it gets all the opportunities to adapt that it would get prior to being moved. I assume this will be addressed down the line.


Maybe I can help to clarify a bit more on this topic… Thank you @BCrossen for the previous clarifications - all spot-on! Here are some additional tidbits to consider.

Why we built it like this:
The way plans are built takes a lot into consideration, including how to progress an athlete appropriately in each training zone, where the athlete is in their plan, and what their goals are. The plans also balance the order in which workouts are prescribed, also based on the zones targeted. We don’t recommend moving workouts out of order for both of those reasons. That said, we know that life happens, which is exactly why we built AT.

AT can probably handle what you might be trying to accomplish with moving your workouts. Here are some examples.

  • If you know you won’t be able to work out on a certain day, AT addresses that. Just add a ‘time off’ annotation on the day or range of dates where you know you can’t train. To do this, click “+” on Calendar, add annotation, and choose Time Off as the annotation type. Opt to adapt your plan when prompted.

  • If you had an unforeseen conflict arise and had to skip a workout (i.e. unplanned time off), just skip the workout, and the next day AT will adapt your plan appropriately. (This may not always trigger an adaptation, because there are circumstances where you wouldn’t need to change your plan just because you missed one workout.)

  • If you want to do a different workout from your scheduled workout on a certain day (e.g. change duration), wait until that day, then load and complete a different workout with the desired duration and level. AT will take the completed workout into consideration with calculating your Progression Levels, and will make sure that future scheduled workouts in that training zone reflect any changes in your levels.

  • If you want to do an extra workout that wasn’t on your plan, go ahead and add that to whatever day you plan to complete the workout, or simply load and complete the desired workout on the day in question. AT will take the completed workout into account when computing your Progression Levels, and will make sure that future scheduled workouts in that training zone reflect any changes in your levels.

If you’re used to manually adjusting your plan to adapt around life’s uncertainties, it can feel weird to sit back and let AT do the heavy lifting. We made AT to automate how so many athletes need to manually adapt their own plans. We want to help you save time and decrease the mental stress that goes along with making these kinds of changes manually, both the mental load of having to make the changes and the stress of possibly second-guessing the changes you make.

Try giving AT a chance to handle these kinds of situations, and see how it goes!


This is super helpful. I suspect that is my problem that I only signed up for a base phase instead of the whole plan builder thing. I’ll build a new plan on Monday and see if that fixes it


Yep. Right now, AT only works with custom plans (i.e. plans built through Plan Builder). My team is working on making stock plans adaptable, too (so you could add specific blocks as desired and have them adapt as well), but we are months out from those being ready. Sorry about the wait, but rest assured we have you in mind! In the meantime, I’m excited to hear what you think about AT on the custom plan!


Thank you and makes sense. To clarify if I have a workout on Tue but can only do that one on Wed and all others are the same that works?

I am not talking about changing the plan unless I need to via the alternates section.

Love TR and been here a while. Added the polarized plan today and did first workout. We will see what happens.

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Right. So, assuming this is a one-off scenario, here’s is one way this could work with AT:

Skip Tuesday’s workout.

If AT suggests adaptations Wednesday morning, you can ignore them. Just complete the workout originally scheduled for Tuesday on Wednesday.

Functionally, this will have the same effect on your plan as it would have had if you’d completed the workout as scheduled. AT will give you credit for the workout and compute your Progression Levels accordingly.

Please let us know how it goes with the Polarized plan too! Thanks for all the great feedback - it really helps us learn and improve so that we can keep delivering better and better experiences and outcomes for you! :raised_hands:t2:



Very helpful info, and I appreciate the organization and formatting very much. This type of content can help many of us in the beta world.

Now to figure out where to put this so it’s not hidden in a thread where people only find it my happenstance:)

Oh, and I’ll add a feature request: an “undo” button would be great. Just tried the annotation fix for five davs of travel, expecting the workouts would be pushed out further. Didn’t think through that since I’m in a recovery week AT might just let me have time completely off and take all workouts for the time period off the calendar and leave the following week as is. Since I’m a day or two away from starting travel I may have pulled my Wed workout forward to tomorrow – but I can’t recall what it was supposed to be :thinking:

Will for sure let you know and very helpful explanations.

Super helpful post @ambermalika much appreciated!
Around all the questions about AT this was reassuring that TR knows what they are doing. I especially like the fact that the plans are still the core of the program and AT kicks in IF there’s a curveball. For me, that put things in perspective again.

What made me wonder though is that „not-plan-builder“-plans have to be made ready for AT. And more so every single one of it. I thought the AI would handle any (as in … any) given plan. Makes no sense to me. But then again I work in humanities :stuck_out_tongue: maybe you can dumb it down for me?

That’s on the roadmap for sure, just not the highest priority as we work out more significant bugs/issues first. :sunglasses:

Thank you Ivy!
I was wondering more about in what way the AI actually works if you have to make every single plan manually „at-ready“.
I would have thought it works the other way round (so that the at ai is programmed to handle the plans and not the plans are programmed to match the ai needs.)
Hope that makes any sense :grin:

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Ie individually adding workouts as your ‘plan’? Probably not, we’d have no insight as to what systems and progressions you’d be trying to follow.
Manually and individually adding ‘blocks’ in the order you prefer ie a base then build then base etc? Yes, we hope to have support for ‘ad hoc’ plans like that in the future in the form of adaptations.

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This makes perfect sense! Not sure if I‘m happy with your answer or angry that I didn’t get this myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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@IvyAudrain I moved things around this week. AT is not providing adaptations, as expected. The odd part is it is also not adapting the SS workouts 2 weeks out (next week is recovery, week after starts a new block of SSB as part of a plan builder plan). Will it pick back up and ‘do the right thing’ next week when it flows into an un-moved section of workouts or did i break the whole plan by moving things this week and I will need to delete and recreate it?

Good question.
If you dragged and dropped workouts to move things around? Yes, you ‘broke’ the AT logic.
If you changed your plan following any of Amber’s aforementioned advice, you’re good: