Possible to do Rouvy & TR at the same time?

I signed up for Rouvy with the intent to run simultaneously with TR to spice up my visuals, HD cycling routes, while following a TR plan. I find Zwift too distracting with all the people in the world and the game/animation visuals don’t do it for me.

I’m running TR on my PC using an ANT+ Dongle to control my Wahoo KICKR using a powermeter with powermatch in TR. In Rouvy, I was able to pair my trainer + PM with Bluetooth (I couldn’t connect TR & Rouvy both over ANT+). The problem is, Rouvy wants to control my trainer too. Therefore, as the gradient increases on the course, it interferes with TR controlling my Wahoo in ERG mode. There didn’t seem to be a way to turn off Rouvy from being able to control my trainer. I was able to download their videos, and then just play them directly in Windows Video Player — but then it isn’t actually speeding up/slowing down the video.

If this isn’t possible — it seems like the best answer is to just DL a bunch of the videos, cancel my subscription and do it that way. However, I don’t mind paying a monthly charge if there is some way for me to do TR + Rouvy at the same time and not have them interfere with each other and both try to control the trainer. I’ve been able to run TR + Zwift at the same time without them counteracting my ERG trainer.

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Hi. Did you get this figured out ? I’ve just started a 6 month plan on TR and after having completed a 3 1/2 hr indoor ride this morning, super keen to use something like Rouvy to spice it up and stop the lack of performance thanks to the boredom. Being able to climb Alpe D’Huez whilst doing a TR session would make things a lot more enjoyable and interesting.
thanks, Michael

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I don’t use Rouvy but it shouldn’t be a problem. I use Zwift and TR, and the trick is to have two separate ANT or BLE dongles so each program has its own control path. Remember Bluetooth devices can only connect to one controller at a time, so use ANT+, or be prepared to have two of everything. Or, use one ANT and one Bluetooth, if you must.

Lots of advice to be found by searching the forum for advice on TR and Zwift, Rouvy shouldn’t be so different. As long as each program has independent data streams, and only TR contyrols the trainer if you’re in ERG mode, all should be well.

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  • Maybe, but there are requirements for this to work properly. (Assume smart trainer only for simplicity of example below):
  1. TR must be paired to the smart trainer (as trainer and power data source), and will control the trainer via ERG, Resistance, Standard (Slope) mode.

  2. Rouvy must be paired to the smart trainer (as a power meter or trainer, if there is an option?) and MUST NOT be able to control the trainer.

  • If this step is ignored (and the trainer is paired as controllable in two apps, they will fight each other for setting the resistance and it will not work properly.
  • So, this means there must be a method to pair the smart trainer with power data only, and no control. I know that other apps do not give this option right now (ex: VirtuGo), so I would not assume you have that option in any app without confirming.
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I could never get it to work. They both want to control the trainer. Unless Rouvy edits their software to turn off wanting to control your trainer, I don’t think it’s possible. Unfortunately bc they have some nice videos. I downloaded a bunch before I quit, it’s just not the same as having them go at the pace of your pedaling. Plus a lot of them are filmed by car, which makes them play rather fast and unrealistic unless they are slowed down.

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I have a 60-day coupon I am waiting to use in the Fall, so I can give it a more through test, and will report back if we don’t get a firm answer before then.

They do offer a 2-week trial, so anyone should be able to give it a shot right now.

Additionally, I think my shop has a demo for Rouvy, so I might be able to test there in the near future.

Looking at their support page, it seems that pairing leads to getting a smart trainer set for Power, Speed and Cadence. It leads me to think this will still not work as needed.

One thought is to see if you can pair the trainer as a “Power Meter” instead of a “Trainer”. If that works, you should get the power (and cadence) data only, with no option for Rouvy to control. No idea if that is even possible, and would likely vary with different smart trainers (brands/models).

Hi, did you get the chance to give this a go … to see if you could configure Rouvy to treat the trainer as a power meter rather than a ‘trainer’ that the Rouvy application would then drive (as the Trainer Road app is driving the trainer - I just want to connect to Rouvy for the entertainment, something interesting to look at than boring youtube videos or the TV).
Thanks so much, Michael

I have not had a chance to try it.

Maybe we can ask @dcrainmaker to look into it at some point? He had so much free time anyway :wink:

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Um, maybe I’m missing something, but can you not just connect Rouvy to the PM and don’t tell it about the trainer? Wouldn’t that work as if you had a dumb trainer?

Not everyone has a dedicated power meter in addition to the smart trainer.

This issues is about using a single power data source (the smart trainer) in two apps, but only have one with access to control the trainer.

Zwift allows this via pairing with “Power” source and “Controlled” trainer as 2 separate pairing options. We can’t confirm if Rouvy has a similar option.

Here is the guide that covers the TR & Z mixing for more detail.

I just tested the new(?) MacOS app, and was able to run both of them concurrently, by disconnecting the “Controllable” item, similar to in Zwift. :tada:


Very cool! Good to see the option.

I decided to try this today - it does not appear there is any way to make this work on iPad or Android - there is no way to customize the how the trainer is treated as shown in the Mac version earlier.

So this got me looking around a bit and I found the following:

This looks like it would be pretty useful for a lot of applications.

In my case, I have stages crank power that sends ANT+ and BLE - as does the Wahoo Kicker. My understanding is that TR will use both device’s BLE signals when using power match (which I want to use) - but I could simultaneously take either or both ANT+ signals and convert them to bluetooth.

I believe this would then allow me to feed power data to any second app on any other device that receives bluetooth. It seems a little better option than a device customized to only work on apple devices if I understand it correctly. Wondering if anyone has tried it in such a scenario?

I was also thinking perhaps the CABLE device could connect to a second android device (I have a backup phone with screen crack) - and then chromecast the android screen from there to a TV. This could be a cheap way to get a ride video onto a big TV screen?

Im running Rouvy and TR at the same time.

TR on ipad with bluetooth and controling trainer.
Rouvy on pc with ant+. Make sure you select your trainer that says no FEC control. So it just reading your power and not wanting to control it. MY HR and cadence send out Bluetooth and ant+ at the same time. I just pair to the device with the protocol im using.

Works really well.

Just a note Rouvy AR only supports bluetooth. If im wrong please someone correct me. I could never get it to work with ant+. So I install the normal rouvy program.


has anyone use rouvy and TR together, with a dumb trainer?
I have power pedals (dual sided favero assioma) and wondered if I can use both systems together?
If anyone has done this please let me know.
Thanks very much

I tried this yesterday. My laptop was running TR connected to my Saris H3 over ant+ and Rouvy on my Kindle fire was connected over Bluetooth. The power source in Rouvy was the trainer but I disconnected the controllable.

Everything was getting the right power numbers but the trainer was being held at 60w despite being in ERG mode on TR that should have been adjusting it

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I’m on a 14 day free trial just now using Rouvy AR which, as someone else said, is currently bluetooth only. TBH I don’t really want to play around with the old ‘Workouts’ app so will probably start paying once they announce Ant+ connectivity then it will hopefully work just like running TR at the same time on RGT.

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You will need a device to receive bluetooth and run Rouvy, and another device to receive ANT+ and run TR.

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Coincidentally, just posted:

We’re actually working on Ant+ now and hoping to release it in the coming weeks!

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