Possible to do Rouvy & TR at the same time?

Thank you @JoeX.
sorry I am still trying to do mental gymnastics when I think about the direction of the signals.
By receive do you mean…
1 device (e.g. Macbook) to receive Bluetooth (e.g. From smart trainer or power pedals) and run rouvy.
2nd device (e.g. Phone) to receive ant+ (e.g. From smart trainer or power pedals) and to run TR?

Or maybe I can have the direction of receiving backwards?
also I know my phone doesn’t have ant+. I thought it did but I couldn’t get it working (oneplus 5).
Whether I can get both working or not with my dumb trainer I still need to get this direction down in my head.

I hope to get a smart trainer this fall as well. Was thinking in used market but after reading some things about wahoo in particular I am thinking new is the safer way to go. Then looking at prices I am thinking kicker core or saris h3 as the top kicker and tacx Neo 2t just seem like too much to spend for where I am at.

Ha ha yeah I already asked them :smiley:


I wouldnt worry about direction, its not relevant. :+1:
Most likely a laptop with an Ant+ dongle and a phone with bluetooth, but there are other combinations

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OK so maybe it will work now then with my dumb trainer and my power pedals.
I have a macbook.
So if I buy a adapter usb C to usb, a usb extension cable, and a Ant+ dongle, all hooked up to the macbook to run rouvy.
Then use my phone to run TR.
Both will be connected to my Favero assioma pedals (ant+ to macbook and bluetooth connection to phone).
Does this sound right?

In your place, I would just run Rouvy in its own first, over bluetooth to the macbook, see if you like it before investing in anything using their trial mode.

Im assuming youd want roovy on the macbook for the bigger screen right?

As its limited over Ant+…

…if you do like it, then Id wait until support for Rouvy AR over Ant+ is offered, then run Rouvy in the macbook over ant and TR on the phone over bluetooth.


That’s what I’m going to do, I won’t pay for it until they have Ant+, I like to see my HR.

Thank you @JoeX and @mcneese.chad, very helpful as I try to get a handle on understanding these connections.
I will probably wait for Ant+ support as I don’t want to interrupt my TR plan and I am only interested if I can use them in them in tandem.
Actually, I am a bit more interested in Fulgaz than Rouvy, however, to use Fulgaz I would have to buy an Apple TV + a monitor (which I don’t really have room for where I train) or an iPad (and I am not really an Apple user so it feels like bit of a waste plus the screen is a bit small).
My wife has a Mac (only apple product in home) which works for Rouvy so hopefully I will like it.
I like the idea of Fulgaz and Rouvy for the real life video of great places (and it not be all user uploaded videos either).


Fair call :+1:

I was the same, wanting to run both but Im not so sure Im getting the best out of either. A hard TR session and Im just not looking at zwift or rouvy, and a good rouvy experience is lessened if Im constrained by a TR workout. The most fun of zwift is in the racing, so again…

I was able to run a TR workout and a Fulgaz (on Windows 10).

Make TR talk to your Controllable Trainer (not using your PM)

Make Fulgaz only talk to your PM for Power + Cadence.

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Not a surprise as others have already confirmed but since I posed the question, I have got Rouvy and TR working at the same time with my dumb trainer and power pedals (favero).
Rouvy on a Mac with USB cable and Ant+ dongle.
TR on android phone.
My Wahoo HR strap is connected to both as well like my pedals so it is good to see HR in both places.
In trial period and will likely subscribe for a year before Oct 1 when prices go up.
I was looking for something else to look at other than TV shows and movies. Also thought it would be cool to see places I have never and may never ride.

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I run both at the same time.
Rouvy normal not AR with ant+ and a garmin 820
Trainer road on ipad bluetooth.

Works perfect.

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@purplecu22 by this do you mean you are just doing the “Rouvy” workouts and not their routes and rides where you can see virtual riders?


I first use TR to do my work out, control my trainer. Im just using rouvy for something to look at. Rouvy doesnt control my trainer. Just reads my info.

i like to look at rouvy and get the feeling im outside. when i look at the blue tr graph. i get to focused on number and not the feeling.

hello, is it possible now to play rouvy an TR at the same time on the same computer with bluetooth please?

You need 2x Bluetooth dongles too
Do this.

I was doing a search for something entirely different and somehow ended up in this thread. THANK YOU! This is life changing (!!) information. The ONLY thing I didn’t like about TR was the boredom of the workout screen and this solves that issue entirely. I love Rouvy and missed the rides. What a fix! Just tried it out and it’s works perfectly. Thanks again!


Glad I could help! I’m on a TR hiatus right now (yay money :grimacing:) so I’m glad to hear that it’s still working!

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Now I could just figure out how to incorporate Rouvy’s AR into a TR workout.

for example, 2’ VO2 effort is a pack of riders down the road that you make contact with exactly as you expend the KJ of that imterval. over unders is a paceline. seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to code given what ghost riders already do in there

It is also entertaining how some people in Rouvy react to what you do in your own TR workout.

Feeling like your interval start is a personal challenge to them if it happens to be when you are riding by each other… totally confused when you drop to 40% midway up a climb then back to 100… probably laughing as you push 3+W/kg down a hill even though your speed is maxed out…

But definitely a great app to run alongside… On latest gen apple tv it’s rock solid reliable even with 2k video.


Reviving this old thread since I’m checking out Rouvy.

this happens outdoors as well. I’ll blow by somebody during a hard interval then have a recovery where they pass me. Then they blow by me again.

I had an e-biker lay on the gas so I couldn’t pass her recently. :joy:

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