TR + Rouvy? Full bluetooth or Do I need ant dongle?

Hello everyone,
Does someone use TR and rouvy together to have a landscape ? Do I need an ANT adapter? (I have tacx neo 2t smart)

I sometimes run TR and RGT (which is similar) and it depends on how you want to run it. But unless you have newer devices its likely one App will hog your single BT channel, whereas Ant + can support multiple Apps.

I tend to run endurance type work outs on the TR app on my phone reading Bluetooth off my trainer and the RGT on my laptop reading off ant+ of my powermeter (which only has ant +) and choose which app I want controlling the trainer. For some sessions higher than endurance sessions, I add an ant+ dongle to the phone so both app are reading the power meter. Very occasionally I run it the other way round but I prefer the big screen for RGT.

Or if I am just wanting a quick set up I’ll push TR to an outside workout on my Garmin and just load up the RGT app.

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I just want to run TR and move in Rouvy as the training progresses, But I dont know if its possible?

Yip its possible (assuming Rouvy is similar to RGT in set up). You’d have both TR and Rouvy reading off you’re power meter/ trainer but only set one to Control the trainer. If you just want pics thats TR, and if you want to feel the virtual road/ gradient thats Rouvy. If you have two devices (phone and pc) that can be off bluetooth on the phone ant+ on the pc. You may need to experiment to find what set up suits your equipment best but it will work.

My PC is not fast enough but I think you can run TR over Rouvy/Zwift/RGT etc on the one device with ant +.