How to Run Zwift and TrainerRoad Simultaneously on Android Devices with Wahoo Trainr

Newbie to TR. Can anyone tell me how to run TR on an Android tablet concurrently with zwift running off an Android phone while riding on a KICKR Power Trainer? Both Android devices have ANT and BT. I did look around, but all discussions online about using TR and zwift are older or require a PC or Apple product.

Or, better yet, is there any way to get a workout from TR to zwift perhaps via Training Peaks?


TrainerRoad on tablet off Ant+, smart trainer as power source set to Erg mode. Zwift on phone off Bluetooth, smart trainer as power source but make sure there is no device selected for controllable trainer (otherwise zwift will take control of resistance).

Or switch BT & Ant+ around as long as TR is off one and Zwift is off the other, shouldn’t matter.

I run TR on a macbook with Zwift on Apple TV and this is essentially the method i use (although I’m forced to use BT on Apple TV as it doesn’t support Ant+).

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