Using TR and Zwift simultaneously

Sorry if this is a repeat but I can’t quite see the answer.

I’ve recently got a Wattbike Atom and I’m enjoy using TR (top tip is focus on cadence and then the power seems to stay constant).
I run TR through an iPad and I often watch a DVD on my telly whilst I do so (shed is out of range of Wi-Fi)

A friend mentioned using Zwift but I don’t think I can run TR and Zwift at the same time? I’ve seen a video showing how this works but they specifically said it’s only on Wahoo because it dual transmits, or something like that.

My current (untested) idea is to download the workout to my Garmin 530 and try and ride that as an outside ride on the Wattbike and also send that to Zwift on my iPad.

Any better suggestions or solutions gratefully received :sunglasses:

You have a choice of a couple of wee pieces of kit that will convert the Wattbike’s ANT+ signal to Bluetooth, effectively giving you a second BLE signal from the Wattbike.

I use an NPE CABLE to do this. Works just fine. Alas, the global semiconductor shortage means they’re not available right now.

The alternative (I think) is a 4iiii heart rate monitor, some of which incorporate an ANT+ bridge to achieve the same result.


you can, i am doing that. TR on phone(bluetooth), zwift on laptop(ANT+ adapter) .

there is a few threads on this topic already.

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Thanks. I’ll try that with my phone and my iPad.

I’ll have a look for one of those cables…

Thanks Chad. I’ve read these a few times. I think I’m just seeing that they all mention using a Kickr or a PC.

It’s certainly a First World problem that I shouldn’t be taking too seriously. Just that there’s normally a way that someone knows.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned that Zwift requires internet. So if you don’t have wifi in your shed I think you’d need to sort that out first.