Polarized Training Plan

Hey @chad,

it would be a great option if there would be a (or some) polarized Trainings Options. Maybe as a short block (training camp - by the way: how are the plans for a training camp plan going @Nate_Pearson :smiley: ) or whole plans.

I talked to Science too. She said, Polarized is very efficent and as we can see on @mcneese.chad its a good training and a nice alternative to the regular plans.

Thank you all.
Edit cause of people making fun on the typo.

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Hmmm, presumably you’re talking about polarized training.


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Bi Polar Training is the basis of my book, as yet unwritten, ‘The Inconsistent Triathlete’.




lol saw the thread and legit thought someone was asking about training options for a person with bipolar

With regards to Training Camp stuff… currently in specialty enthusiast you can find something that may fit what you’re looking for. Or search 8DC in the workout finder.
Then there’s always WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018 :sunglasses:

Chad has mentioned a Vo2 block kinda camp (YMMV):

Hope that helps a little :woman_shrugging:

lmao… Actually did a quick google search…

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Maybe I did write it after all. :face_with_monocle::sweat_smile:

I hope no one thinks I’m mocking mental health here, my dad was bipolar. I probably am too, but I avoid diagnosis.

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Hey @Turtle_Express!

We actually have a fairly long thread dedicated to the topic of Polarized Training.

Below is the direct link to our CEO Nate Pearson’s response on the topic.


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Thanks. Interesting reply.

Since I’ve just put this together, another one on “all elites train polarized”. Sepp Kuss, Jumbo-Visma, Build/Taper weeks into Volta a Catalunya.

I’m still on the quest of finding an elite cyclist who trains polarized. In an older podcst I had been mentioned that Lotto-Jumbo used to train polarized. They may have but they definitely don’t do anymore. At least accoding to those who upload their data to Strava.

Quite interesting to follow his training. I’ve been tracking this since autumn. Really interesting.

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You can probably make most of the build/specialty plans fit a somewhat polarized plan. At least one that is more useful to an average Joe/Jane. You’ll be doing a higher percentage of your work as intensity as in the original review articles, but your total volume is still only going to be in the 6-10 hour range.

Just swap out the weekend rides for zone 2 rides and there you go, you’ve got VO2/AC intevals and zone 2 endurance that is specific towards your event. Whether or not this will be successful depends on your event, but you can still be doing 2x20 thresholds + a vo2 day, the rest z2 and that would be no medium work.

Base would be tricky… that would probably need some more customization to make it work. Like just taking the VO2 progression from SSB2 along with much of the endurance rides from traditional base.


Isn’t the build week you show from Kuss “polarized”? The portion of minutes that are above endurance pace (300) is 18% of the total minutes (1,705). Put another way, the average work day (excluding the rest day) is almost five hours on the bike, with 50 minutes of that being SST intensity or higher, and the other five hours being low intensity. There is less high-end vo2max work and more SST and LT than the polarized prescription, but its still pretty close overall.

Basically he’s doing a high-volume TrainerRoad plan (about an hour per day of work at SST or higher), but then adding on another 4 hours per day of low intensity training.