What do you think of this polarized plan?

Hello guys!

I completed half distance base high volume and proceeded to half distance build high volume. My FTP improved on the last ramp test and unfortunately was sick for 5 days two weeks ago so it was hard to recover from the high volume and intensity.

Then I thought to just change my plan altogether and do some traditional base. But then I thought of the polarized approach so why not experiment on a polarized approach to my training. I just used the traditional base high volume and swapped some over unders on tresdays (same progression as in sweet spot base), while continuing the same schedule of the half distance traiathlon build.

What do you think? Are over unders good alternatives or are vo2max or thresholds better?


I think it depends a bit on what you’re doing with your other training, particularly running. My N=1 with triathlon training is that too much running intensity quickly leads to niggles and then injuries. So I build my running mileage by running frequently (5-6 days a week) and mostly at fairly easy intensities. Most of my cycling sessions then include some intensity, so my overall training is quite polarised, but I’m not doing many low intensity workouts on the bike. I also found from experience that I don’t get a lot of benefit from lower intensity cycling unless I go really long (4-5 hours plus). If I’m just training for cycling then I’ll do lower intensity rides for recovery between hard days, but with tri training I find that time is more productively spent running or swimming.