Podcast request: Maximum Overload for Cyclists

I don’t know how Nate and/or Coach Chad would feel about commenting on another commercially available training program, but it seemed like there was a TON of chatter about the ‘Maximum Overload for Cyclists’ in the Facebook forum.

I know from the podcast history that Coach Chad and the TR crew are advocates of weight training ‘whole body’ fitness – especially for masters level athletes like me – but he also seems to be consistent in his position that while strength training is beneficial overall, it won’t make you faster on a bike.

However, ‘Maximum Overload’ claims to be a strength training program the does make you faster on the bike, and is endorsed by (I think) a few former members of the pro peloton – notably, Dave Zabriskie.

Anyway – it seems like a semi-hot topic, if for no other reason the amount of strength training questions which seem to be submitted over the years.

If there is a commercial objection to covering this, I would totally understand – but if not, I’d love to hear if the TR team thinks this strength program has merit in terms of making us all faster.



This is definitely something I would be interested in hearing, specifically how to integrate the MO program over a season.



I bought the book, and the adjustable kettle bells to use in the base building phase…but I can’t do SSB Hi vol and weight train. Too much stress.

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I was wondering when to integrate this into a plan as well. It is a very high intensity workout that would add considerable stress. It would be great to understand how to balance the strength training component with the demands of a TR plan.

Super quick summary.

  • Do the strength training on the same day as one of your workouts.

    • (Keep rest and recovery days as full rest. Don’t do strength training.)
  • Do the strength training and cycling workout as far apart as practical on that day.

    • (One in the morning and one in the evening to allow the right adaptation from the body. The two types of work are different and can actually conflict for desired results.)

What happens if you do them close together? What is the negative effect?

For instance – I generally get off the trainer and do a couple sets push-ups and pull-ups in between stretching. What is happening there? What would happen if I got off the trainer and did some of the maximum overload power lunges after riding? Why would they not be as effective? Is fatigue the only factor?

I need to find a link. A bad summary is the the cell signaling that is part of the strength training can be canceled out by endurance cycling, and vice versa.

Essentially, you need to have some separation between them (maybe a few hours at the least) to keep from turning off the benefits related to that training.

Here is some info.

The entire thread for the post above is worth a read. But pay extra attention to Coach Chad’s posts.

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I have been doing the general build volume 2 plan while doing the Maximum Overload weight lifting program. I tried doing the SSB plan, but could not finish the workouts because my legs were tired from lifting.

I’m about to finish the 4week Gen Build Plan and need advice on what to do next??? I’m afraid my legs are still too tired to finish the Sweet Spot Base workouts.