Strength Training with Sweet Spot Base - Mid II

I just started first SS base. I read a lot of positive articles stating that strenght training, especialy in offseasson is good for cycling preformance. What would be the best way to incorporate strenght training with my SS base II plan wihout risk of overtraining?

Another question…what plans do you guys recommend me taking if my main goal of next year is a 140 km road race with some long climbs in end of July 2020?

Thank you

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Here is the master thread on Strength Training

You can also use the search tool to find many existing discussions about integrating ST.

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I did seatch for the right topic but didnt find answer to my question.
I want to know on which 2 days of Ss base-med II should I add or replacewhich with strenght work (12 sets of heavy lifts 4-6 reps(squats,deadlifts, lunges)…

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Add, don’t replace. If you start replacing key cycling workouts with strength ones you’re going to get stronger and slower!

Consensus on the best time to do them is the same day as your hard midweek sessions (so Tuesday and Thursday if you’re following the plan), but after the cycling. That way the quality of those key cycling workouts isn’t compromised, and neither is your recovery day. Best approach is to incorporate them gradually, so start out with weights that you can manage quite comfortably and focus on good form. Give your body time to adjust to the extra training load before you start to increase the weights too much, and then you can also assess what impact the extra fatigue is having on your cycling.


I’m kind of thinking on the same. I’m on the 6th week of SSBI and starting SSBII next week. I do some push UPS and abs in the end of my TR sessions but it’s short for increasing overall strength and specific strength that can help in cycling.

Going to try adding those coach Chad exercises on Tuesday and Thursday after the TR sessions, but it has to be done immediately after the TR because usually my training ends around 21h30 or later and I cannot do TR in the morning and ST in the evening as it is recommended.

Hope I have the strength and will after TR to execute those ST exercices.

Heavy lifts are great. But you should start with the basics first. Anatomical adaptation phase to get used to the weights and learn the lifts. Then general strength to prepare for maximal strength phase. I am sure there is a lot of resources but I will check Bompa often. Relative Intensity Chart and Prilepin’s Chart can be useful as well.

This is next on the list of actually doing what the guys have been telling me all these years. I’m going to try to be realistic and do the 5 strength exercises linked above (well modifications of most to start with), following some glute activation exercises.

I can’t do them immediately following TR workouts, which I do in the morning before work. I plan to do them in the evening of the Tuesday and Thursday workouts (which on my schedule is Monday and Wednesday, with Sunday and Thursday my down days).

I’ve been struggling with how to integrate strength training into my TR plans, too. I found this video very helpful…