Podcast Recommendations (non-TR) 2023

Hey thanks again for the recommendations. I’ve started listening to Empirical Cycling. Very good. Deep enough to be informative, not so much that it’s a bore.


Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but…
Once I got caught up through the AACC catalogue a couple years ago, I started cherry picking my way through some FasCat podcasts (among others of various topics). I mostly just listen to the Ask a FasCat episodes. Yesterday, I was listening to #12, the one in which @mcneese.chad won a pretty sweet prize pack for the best question!

I suppose as a related note, FasCat makes me appreciate TR more. To be fair, I’m obviously not their target audience, so I usually find it quite unrelatable.

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I enjoy listening and learning from Fast Talk and Empirical Cycling for the deeper dives on specific subjects. I like that Fast Talk often interview experts on subject’s whether they are coaches, doctors, scientist or athletes as it gives a well-rounded perspective on a varitey of topics. I really like Empirical Cycling for the same reasons, but also information is provided in a way that I feel like I can apply to my own training.

Both Fascat and Brendan’s EVOQ podcast provide a lot of easy to use, easy to understand training principles that can apply as well, although they do come from a slightly different perpsective IMHO.
I really like The Time Crunched Cyclist Podcast as well - Adam has a gift of explaining training concepts in such an easy to understand method. He doesn’t really nerd out like Fast Talk or Empirical which is nice becuase it’s coming from a different lense and appeals to the athlete in me that just want’s the basics. He does a great explanation of intensive vs extensive intervals among other topics.

Other notable podcast are: The Knowledge Podcast, Faster by Flo, The Matchbox, The Training Science Podcast, Dialed Health and Consumate Athlete.

Cycling related:
Just Riding Along (formerly part of the Mountain Bike Radio podcast.)
Cycling Dads Podcast (very Minnesota-centric, so if you’re not from here, might not be of interest.)

Non cycling:
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Deep Sunset House and Progressive

I’m going to give the Deep Sunset a listen…see if there’s any PLUR in there.

@AlexWild is on the Groadio podcast. Good to hear him back on the airwaves, and I’m excited for him to be back on the TR soon in the next month.

One question for the American listeners, and I am aware this is a bit ridiculous, does Amanda come off a bit condescending to an American ear? Or am I just being silly? I enjoy the podcast and she’s a good host as well as Bill. I just sometimes think it sounds odd the way she talks about others accomplishments :man_shrugging:. I know I’ve missed her humour in the past (apparently she was being sarcastic about Sofia and the rainbow stripes which went right over my head).

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I’ve also added a few new (to me) podcasts to my download/subscription list:


Bike Radar

OTB Podcast - this one is a DH focused one but is a fun listen. I particularly enjoyed their recent pod amount the Whaka 100 as it’s a race I know and love and attended. Very cool to hear how the race plays out from the very, very front.

@dcrainmaker and DesFit have a new podcast


Will add it to my feed. Generally love Ray’s content and am always keen to hear about what’s coming down the pipeline.