Podcast turning into a morning talk show

Maybe I’m the only one. But I feel like the podcast has become less and less about training and science, and is now just a 2 hour talk show. I know people have commented on how long the podcast is getting, and I used to enjoy it as it was packed with good content. But lately I feel like there’s 10-15 minutes of good content buried within the 2 hours of fluff. Maybe as I get more into cycling I want more science and just need to find other podcasts. I’ve been listening to Empirical Cycling and it’s a very different feel, more talk on actual training concepts and physiology, and methods of training. The TR podcast feels more like The View or similar (nothing against that show just not my thing), with much of the time talking to the various guest hosts about their lives or experiences, maybe relate it to a question, and less about the science or practice of getting faster. It’s more, “what happened in the host’s lives last week” instead of, here’s the science that’ll make you stronger and faster. Maybe they’re out of topics, I don’t know. I just wish it would get back to cycling.


I wait for the mini topics of 15-20 minutes to come out so I can cut the the chase. Besides the meaningless chit chats, some of the deep dives just go off the deep end.
Love the information but it takes so long to get to useful stuff. Perhaps most of the audience likes it that way.


I feel like coach Chad always had a research paper or some science to add to the conversation so maybe that has something to do with it. I’m not sure, I’m quite a few episodes behind these days but didn’t mind the length increase.


Might be the move to get the meat of the good stuff.

I always skip to the first question or where Chad starts… not really interested in Jons activities, though it can be funny sometimes. I tend to listen for training tips, so hence the skip.


yea, not much there except for Chad’s deep dives tbh


Agree, too long now. Haven’t listened for ages.


I love the “morning talk show” part more than the science part at this point. At the end of the day there is only so much science out there and they’ve really covered most of it.


I like the more casual talk at the start of the episodes. There are a ton of options out there to hear people talk about training, energy systems, and all that stuff. But the TR show is the only one with these hosts, and I like these hosts! Sure, it sometimes takes a while to get to the questions, but I, for one, don’t want them to jump right in to the training Qs.


Once they start on about running and swimming it’ll take me about 10 minutes to listen to it :roll_eyes:


Seemed to go off the boil a while back and I haven’t listened for ages. 2hrs is just far too long anyway. Probably also doesnt help that I dont travel any more and used to load a few of these up for long flights and drives, so now have less time for stuff like this and there are other more interesting cycling podcasts about now.


Please throw in your favourite podcasts that you’re into currently. I’ve never chimed with the TR podcast, in fact most talking about cycling doesn’t do it for me but I’m willing to try a few new ones

There’s another thread for this.


Disagree. If they want to talk for 2 hours about Nate’s bar brawls, I am here for it :joy:


Aren’t podcasts just a “talk show” anyways? :man_shrugging: I listen to other podcasts but TrainerRoad is one of the top 5 I listen too. There’s only so much talk about energy systems, polarized vs sweet spot training, which ftp test is the best… etc. that I can take.
Then again I like a more talk show podcast style for example the David Chang show, mind pump, Ben greenfield…off topic


Podcast seems long and these days with no travel to work I only watch on youtube when I am doing an endurance ride. I skip over a number of talks…ie Tri talk. It is definitely different then when I started listening to the early episodes as I felt I had lots to learn and the podcase helped with TR plans.


I agree here. Maybe because I was a beginner when I started listening to it but I was hanging on every word so to speak. Every podcast there was something new to learn. Now it just feels like listening to people talk. I haven’t learned anything new or gained anything listening recently.



Not just time markers sometimes. Actual chapters.


Dang, people will complain about anything.


I’m very much entertained. My commute is long. The show makes it very bearable.

I love fasttalk too but man, sometimes I can only last 15 minutes before I want something else.