Other Podcast Recommendations (non-TR) 2018-19

I was reading through a post about mental toughness. One of the users mentioned a particular podcast to help with the psychological component to training. I’ve tried using the search function to find the post but to no avail. Here’s my attempt to gather some communal direction.

Which podcasts do you recommend and listen to on a regular basis? Aside from the TR one, I have listened to The Forward and sometimes Rapha Cycling Podcast. Does not have to be cycling related.


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  • Ben Greenfield Fitness (sometimes he can be way too cutting edge but there is a lot to be gleaned)
  • King of the Ride
  • TheMove (formerly Stages)
  • Real Talent with Phil Gaimon

There are a couple of podcasts we have done that talk about the mental side of racing and training. Here are a some of the main ones:

Hope this helps!


Thanks @ian. Fantastic!!

The Sonya Looney podcast has some good episodes too.


the MTB Podcast for sure (has a familiar voice in it), then if you are into racing “the cylcing podcast”,




Semi-pro cycling. Short and to the point. Not super frequent, but an easy listen.

Joe Rogan
Bill Burr


CyclingTips podcast improved a lot recently this year.


Might I suggest the following:


Faster powered by Flo. ‎FASTER Cycling on Apple Podcasts

MTB (I don’t ride MTBs and stil love it )

Cycling Tips ‎CyclingTips Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Sonya Looney

Rich Roll

The Promise

Velo News

We got to hang out

Semi Pro cycling

30 for 30 (the yoga series is crazy)

How I built This. (Some really good stuff)

Journey to 7 figures

We are a soccer house.
Grant Whal planet Futbol, ESPN FC. American Fiasco. The 2 Robbies

Design and Economics and more business
99% invisible, freak economics, masters of scale, The diary of a CEO, planet money and of course anything im in or our company :).

Sports personalities:
Dr. J
UCon women’s coach Gino Auriemma

Yep. I travel a ton, sit at kids soccer games, swim meets and use trainerroad.


Specifically after Caley Fretz joined. Very entertaining.


I love listening to podcasts on the bike. I get to learn stuff and get fitter at the same time. Here are some of my favourites:

The Cycling Podcast:

I particularly like the way they report the stuff around racing, whether it’s the part travelogue nature of their grand tour reporting or their nuanced approach to the wider issues in cycling.

The Bugle:

A very silly take on the news. I pay more attention to this than the actual news

99% Invisible:

It’a about design, but so much more.

And lastly, the excellent More or Less from the BBC:

Looks at the news from a numerical perspective, and is really good at exploring the limitations of how we interpret statistics. I actually think that this podcast should be required listening for everyone.


This is also good: Purple Patch Podcast with Matt Dixon — Purple Patch Fitness


This one was mentioned above in a long list, but deserves to be called out on it’s own. It’s the only other podcast that has made me a faster cyclist. It has also featured @Jonathan and @Nate_Pearson as guests.

Faster Podcast by Flo Cycling


Mitch Docker has a good one, “Life In The Peloton”. Here’s the webpage


also available on your podcast machine.


None of these are cycling related but all of them are pretty damn good.

Sword and Scale - crazy, absolutely insane, true crime stories
Criminal - problematic true crime stories
This is war - interviews with soldiers typically around 18yo that were in combat
S-Town - must listen. incredible :open_mouth:
The Daily - news from the nytimes
How I built this - some amazing stories here. interviews with people who started with nothing and built massive companies
Unfictional - i don’t remember
60 minutes
Fresh air - interviews
Radiolab - interviews and stories
The moth - live stories from people’s lives
Here’s the thing - alec baldwin interviews celebrities…


Trainerroad… obviously!

Primal endurance-awesome catalouge of podcasts. a more holistic based approach. Really great common sense on this one.

endurance planet-all endurance sports related. Also a very holistic approach.

Ben Greenfield- as someone mentioned it can be very cutting edge and a tad overwhelming at times but some great info and it gets you thinking for sure

The human performance outliers-great in depth discussions on health, diet, fitness with guests from all walks

Velonews-recently found this and really like it


Bike Shop CX show: If you’re into wrenching yourself (or just want to do more of it) and CX or gravel specifically, I highly recommend the Bike Shop CX podcast. It’s kind of like car talk, except for bikes, and while they do have entertaining banter they get the job done too.


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I’ll second the recommendations for Bike Shop CX and the cycling tips podcast - I think Caley Fretz was a great addition (and a big loss for the velo news podcast.) Bike shop CX is focused on Cyclocross, but a lot of the maintenance/tech stuff is generally useful.

A few more that I listen to regularly:

  • Fast talk from velo news
  • Slow ride (another wide angle podium show)
  • The Rouleur podcast

I love Mitch Docker’s podcast too! His interview with Marcel Kittel is superb, as is his recent one with Mike Woods.