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Recently I have found a few cool podcasts. I’m sure there are lots more good ones I don’t know about! I love podcasts as I drive a lot! Share your favorite podcasts. These are my favorite!

TR stuff (obviously)
Marginal gains
Dialed health
Leadville 100
Bonk bros

Let me know your favorites to check out


Empirical Cycling and Fast Talk are some of my favorites for cycling (other than the ones listed) and Stronger by Science puts out really good stuff on strength training. I also listen to The Drive and Huberman Lab as general health and wellness podcasts


This one wasn’t restricted to Cycling, but there are many to review here:

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Perfect thanks!

TR obviously
Watts Occurring
Life in the Peleton
Talking Luft
The Move
Bradley Wiggins Show
Matt Stephens unplugged

The Ride Companion
Geraint Thomas Cycling Club
The Social Distance Podcast
The Placeholder
Just Riding Along
The Matchbox
Off-roads Inroads
MTB Podcast
Adventure Stache
Pace Line

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I can’t figure out if I enjoy that pod or not…I find Scott McGill quite annoying a decent amount of the time. Some if it is certainly generational but the indifference and disdain for everything can get tiresome.

But I do enjoy some of the conversations, so I keep listening…

Really enjoy Payson’s stuff…he is quite a good interviewer, IMO.

One pod not mentioned so far here is The Gravel Ride…can be a bit hit-or-miss depending on who the guest is, but pretty good overall.

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Completely agree with you on the Bonk Bro’s stuff.

I get very frustrated with their naivety sometimes, but I enjoy it enough to keep listening. I do think it’s just that they are young, and have lead more sheltered lives than they realise. I might be completely wrong of course.

I feel like Scott could offer so much more! He is the one racing at the highest level, but often comes across completely disinterested. Again, maybe just age and being “cool”.

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Seems to get stronger as CT continues to bleed people (whether letting people go or themselves leaving)



The other interesting thing is Dylan’s personality on the pod vs. his YouTube stuff. He seems more mature / professional in his YT stuff while he is almost “backwards-hat Dylan” on the pod. Not saying it is good or bad, just an interesting observation.

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I am a big fan of the Rich Roll podcast. Not specifically cycling but there is cycling and other endurance stuff on it as well as lifestyle stuff which can be fascinating. I will watch it during endurance activities and listen to it while at work. I think of him as the Brene Brown of active people.

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Simon Ward Human Performance. Mainly Triathlon but very easy listening.

Not exclusively (or even mostly) cycling, but ‘The real science of sport’.

Also, despite the name, StarTalk Radio (Neil DeGrasse Tyson) has recurring science of sport episodes. The most recent example being the physics of a soccer ball.

Also King Of The Road podcast with Ted King

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  • Scientific Triathlon has a lot of general and cycling content to help if you want to get better self-coaching
  • FasCat for the perspective of a 20 year coach and power meter user… bonus fact - he coined the term “Sweet Spot”
  • Empirical Cycling if you want to completely geek out on self-coaching
  • FastTalk sometimes
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The Adventure Podcast

Have genuinely laughed out loud a lot at Bonk Bros. Sometimes at them, sometimes with them but I look forward to it each week.
Even funnier was the wife and boy roasting me about listening to it when I made them sit through an episode in the car :rofl:

Peter Attia is great although obvs not strictly cycling.

Gone off of Payson. He just seems bitter these days. Like he was entitled to a gravel career that’s kind of passed him by.

Can’t stand Empirical, tried a couple of episodes but his points are so convoluted where he tries to preempt all the counter points anyone could possibly make. And his sidekick has to be cajoled into agreeing with the correct thing half the time it seems.

I feel sorry for Ted King with his blot clot but strewth- he doesn’t half sound jaded with cycling life :sleeping:
Just give it up already!

As a Fascat and Ben Delaney fan, I’ve been disappointed with him on their podcast. He’s trying a bit too hard it seems.

I like Evoq although would rather have them combined into a long enough episode for a ride as I tend to end up hearing them before I have a load saved up :rofl:

Tried Roadman for a bit but couldn’t quite get into them. Will listen to the Friel episode though.

Groadio is good about one episode in 3.

FastTalk is good but again- got me a roasting from the missus about what a load of nonsense I was listening to. American level introspection is anathema to people with stiff :england: upper lips :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Great content creation is hard- regular great content creation even harder so I tip my hat to all the folks doing it- even the ones I don’t like. :tophat:
It definitely helps my training motivation.

Thanks for all the suggestions- will try a few more :grinning:


I know what you’re saying.

I only just subscribed to The Matchbox and it seems good.

The Pace Line is a podcast where I like the hosts and what they talk about, but I don’t understand how they got 300 episodes in without sorting out their microphone situation to avoid all the mouth noises :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:.

I can’t say I agree about Empirical Cycling. That pod is the most informative one with genuine how-to’s.

Different strokes and all that. We’re super lucky to have all of these resources.


Didn’t see it mentioned but Evoq with @brendanhousler is good. There are some really good long interviews with some pros if you dig deep.

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Cyclocross Radio

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