Podcast Recommendations (non-TR) 2023

Was thinking about asking this in the other podcast thread…but figured this might actually be relevant.

What’s everyones favorites? I’m looking for something bike related, or bike adjacent (nutrition, etc). Or not, I’m open. Currently listening to Fastcat, How Stuff Works, and Stacey Kings Gimme The Hot Sauce.


Lengthy one from a while ago.

I updated the title here to be the 2023 year since we sort of adopted that for keeping topics more “fresh”.

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Ah, no worries, do your worst :joy:

A bit of a dump, these are most of the cycling related ones I’m subscribed to and regularly listen to, been focusing on tour coverage lately but I love the gravel stuff too.

Slow Ride
Escape Collective
Adventure Stache
Bonk Bros
Dialed Podcast
Some Work All Play - this one is mostly about ultra running and coaching but I love David and Megan and they do talk about cycling a little.

I also listen to Hardcore History once every six months or so and highly recommend it. Huberman Lab is pretty great when you are interested in the topic because it’s always a ridiculous deep dive.

That Triathlon Show - I skip the ones focused on just running / swimming
Sigma Nutrition - hard core nutrition show
The Real Science of Sport Podcast - sports generally, not just cycling


IMHO, the Bonk Bros podcast is the most entertaining. They drop knowledge while always ripping on each other. Most of the same players have another training questions podcast similar to TR called The Matchbox Podcast. Also great.


The Dirty Chain is a bit midwest/Michigan centric but a good one

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I don’t currently listen to anything religiously like i did TR when it was the OG crew, but I’ll check the topics and occasionally listen to:
Geek Warning
Escape Collective
Inside Exercise
Fast Talk
King of the Ride (Ted King)


Good grief I think you guys have compiled a comprehensive list of like EVERY podcast :joy:. I’ve got some sifting to do.

Any totally bike unrelated podcasts you like?

Inside exercise is a good “non-bike” one.


My podcast list had grown too long a while back and I couldn’t keep up (I bike commute rather than drive so I that leaves less “podcast time”). Now I’m down to just three:

Escape Collective (which has multiple shows)
NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Though I during the summer when NPR’s Planet Money does their Summer School series (eight 30 minute episodes) I’ll listen to that


I love WWDTM and really miss Ask Me Another.

Ahh yea, I listen to Wait Wait don’t tell me. I didnt list that because it really is a radio recording, but that’s nitpicking haha.

Agreed. That was a fun one that seemed to fall victim to the pandemic

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I enjoy Kolie Moore’s Empirical Cycling podcast from time to time. It’s really biochem heavy IMO but my brain likes to understand endurance training starting from the lowest level so it clicks for me.


Some non-bike / exercise related pods to consider…most are 1 season only.

  • The Prince Mixtape: I’m far from a Prince fan, but 100% acknowledge his brilliance. Learned a lot about him on the pod.
  • Tiffany Dover Is Dead: Insights into how conspiracy theories can take root and flourish.
  • Up Against The Mob: Legal / trial series about prosecuting the Mafia
  • Pantani - Death of a Pirate: Haven’t actually started this one yet 9and it is still dropping episodes, I think) but looks at the suspicions around Pantani’s death.
  • I have a host of F1 pods that I listen to. Hit me up if you want to know which ones.
  • Most of the big TV shows have pods to go along with them…so if you are watching something like the Last Of Us or Succession, you can also listen to the companion pod for additional insight.

I’m enjoying:

Half arsed history (not cycling…)

The Nero Show - Jesse is refreshingly honest

Armchair Expert

The Wild Ones (Francis Cade)

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+1 The Nero Show :slight_smile:

Took me awhile to get accustomed to Jesse, haha. But it’s a joy hearing their banter and discussions.

Good balance between discussions and just a good chat :smiley:


Like everyone, I’m curious about the bike under the wrap.

Plus, Jesse is great - I love how he just says it how it is!

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EVOQ podcasts and YouTube with Brendan Housler, provide as far as I’m concerned, the best coaching advice from and real world experience. Housler is an active Cat 1 racer/coach and many of his quests are genuine top World tour Pros.

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