Podcast Recommendations (non-TR) 2023

There are some great EVOQ podcasts, but there are some that are mostly just “Dude, you’re fast bro, how do you train?”
“Thanks bro, I ride a lot”

Do you have a way to filter and pick the good ones?

I got a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex headphones somewhere during 2020, which enabled me to listen to podcasts while riding, and since I now work from home that’s pretty much how I listen to all podcasts. And I listen to a bunch.
Sorry, I didn’t separate these into cycling/sport vs not.

Podcasts I listen to almost all episodes:
Hidden Brain
My Unsung Hero
This American Life
Radio Lab
People I (Mostly) Admire
Selected Shorts
Song Exploder
Seeking a Scientist
The Sporkful
Lateral with Tom Scott
LeVar Burton Reads
Ask A Cycling Coach (TR)
King of the Ride
The One Recipe

Podcasts I scan the topics ahead of time and decide if I want to listen:
Fast Talk
Marginal Gains
Empirical Cycling
Revisionist History
Judge John Hodgeman
Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford
How I Built This (I used to listen to this all the time, but now most of the subjects aren’t nearly as interesting as when he first started)
Startalk Radio (I listen to most of these, but there are certain sub-series ones like “Things you might not know” that I’ve stopped listening to because I usually know most of what they talk about…)
Broken Record
The New Yorker Radio Hour
The Splendid Table

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Marginal Gains
Empirical Cycling, Inside Exercise and almost every other podcast where Andrew Coggan has appeared.


Agree with a lot of the prior recommendations.

Here’s my list:

Bonk Bros - entertaining but their naivety and US centric knowledge base can be frustrating at times.
Demistifying MTB - new one that is more nerdy about MTB stuff.
Empirical Cycling - awesome for knowledge and entertainment
All the Escape Collective/Placeholder Podcasts - obvious, sometimes a bit dry/odd but that’s their angle and I like the personalities. Very into the MTB content and geek warning (all the things with @angryasian ).
Fascat- less informative than it used to be but still a great listen.
Groadio - gravel centric. Good for US centric stuff.
Just Ride - new one I’m super keen to get into but haven’t listened to yet with all the TdF content. Rob Warner and Eliot Jackson, a super fun and entertaining dup!
Leadville the 100 Mile MTB Race - Fatty and Hotty very useful info specific to Leadville. You have to remember that’s their big, ultimate goal with the info when you’re listening to some of the advice. Great pod that I look forward to.
MTB Podcast - much less frequent and much more product based than in the past but still very informative and some great Q&A. The guys are all just goofball enough :joy:.
Off Roads In Roads - Andrew Lespy and Haley Smith do post race coverage.
GTCC - Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe and Tom. Great insight and Geraint is really letting some critique flow this year as it looks less likely he’ll get resigned by Ineos
Just Riding Along - super informative, very silly, sometimes very not appropriate for family listening.
The Ride Companion - I go in and out of this one. Love the recent stuff with the likes of Bernard Kerr and race stuff. I drift out of some of the long ones with just Davi as the second.
The Matchbox - same as Bonk Bros. Can be super informative, and is definitely entertaining.
Pinkbike Podcast - missing Levy recently, but Quinney is good fun when he’s not trying too hard to be contrarian.
The Social Distance Podcast - kiwi racer (and ex) and an Aussie who’s been around cycling a while. Fun honest takes but I imagine the humour won’t strike the audience outside of the antipodes.
The Move - Lance Armstrong. I very much enjoy the Bruyneel and Spencer content. Some will obviously give this a wide berth because of the primary antagonist and I don’t blame them.

Is This Good - Silly but fun
No Dunks - fun NBA content from more normal dudes.
Bill Simmons - I only listen to the NBA stuff, super frustrating when he dribbles on about that silly pointy ball sport :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For totally non-sports: The Ezra Klein show. Warning: political from the left perspective, but very thoughtful

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A few that I don’t think have been mentioned…
Gerant Thomas Cycling Club Watts Occuring - He did a nearly daily podcast during the Giro. He did a daily analysis of the Tour.

The Roadman Cycling Podcast - Some interesting guests. His partner’s Newbie Friday episodes are pretty good.

Jordan Harbinger - Non-cycling with some interesting guests. Skeptical Sunday and Feedback Friday episodes are usually pretty good.

I Will Teach You to be Rich with Ramit Sethi - Finance podcast with interviews with couples having money issues.

Joe Rogan (Depending on the guest) - Love him or hate him, he does have some of the most interesting interviews.


I love listening to the likes of Neil de Grasse Tyson, and absolutely hate his feeding of conspiracy theory loonies lol


I’m not a fan of the politics but actually enjoy some of the conspiracy theory nonsense.

I don’t buy into any of it but it’s pretty funny when Joe and Duncan Trussel get together and start talking about aliens and ancient Egypt or he just gets high and talks shit with someone for the whole show, like his show with Post Malone.

The Nero show is probably my pick for cycling related podcasts. Very much over the training and science podcasts, you can only listen to so much of it after a while.

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As an update, I’ve just listened to the first episode of justride. Rob Warner and Elliot Jackson just as good as expected.

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Is Bobby and Jens, The Jens? As in Jens Voigt?

Yes. I’m listening to his book now, too.

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Well shiver my timbers! That’s exciting!

How the heck that passed me by I’ll never know.

I don’t know Jullich, but Jens is absolutely my favourite cyclist.

Is there a point at which I should go back to, or is the entire back catalogue worth listening to?

For totally non cycling I would recommend Movies by Minute and in particular, Star Wars Minute.

The basic premise is that they go through the entire movie one minute at a time, each episode corresponds to a minute, and discuss what happened, what could have happened, how the script changed , who the actors were and what other films they’d been in etc. There are two hosts and they have a assortment of guests with different opinions.

I fond it interesting how many of the background characters had been in Star Wars, James Bond and Superman. And how much the characters changed stories with each different draft.

There’s other shows by other people, Godfather minute, Alien minute etc

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Might have missed it but The Cycling Podcast is great (RIP The Buffalo)
The Race F1 podcast
Bobby and Jens (sometimes)
The Adventure Stache (sometimes)
Collecting Cars with Chris Harris
Empirical Cycling (skim listen, it’s too dense for me)
Life in the Peloton
The Pinkbike Podcast (and am hoping Levy returns)
The Real Science of Sport
Fascat (but less and less)
Escape Collective collection of podcasts, mostly the nerd ones though


+1 to both of these (and yes, RIP The Buffalo…sorely missed)

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I used to listen to FasCat as religiously as I did with TR, but since Jackson left and Frank has focused on running Optimize, it just doesn’t feel the same. Not sure if it’s because of Ben being the host or not.


I usually look at the athlete they’re interviewing. If I’m grasping for a quick pod and nothing interests me, I’ll pick an athlete I don’t really know (other than name) and it’s still cool to listen to their story and maybe hear another anecdote from Jensy.

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Tour de Todd with Todd Wilson

Ashton Lambie, Dave Chauner, several episodes to recommend. such as a roundtable “Is Road Racing Dead in America”, on junior cycling, a rejoinder to the “Is RR dead” episode featuring the promoters of Redlands, Gila, etc. For anyone interested in the rise, fall, and rise? of road/track cycling in the U.S. this is for you.

Wondering if anyone has recs for dedicated podcasts/specific episodes on sports psychology? (not necessarily cycling, though that of course has some relevance)

I imagine most of the above touch on it to some extent, but it’s usually sandwiched in between a bunch of other stuff, and given I’m neck deep in training/racing coverage already I’d like to seek out something a bit more specific. :slight_smile: