'Planned', 'Unplanned' completed Workout/Activity labels in Calendar

I’ve only seen ‘Planned’ within my own Calendar, but assume there must be an ‘Unplanned’ too…

What precisely are the circumstances that cause a completed Workout to be labelled as Unplanned? Is it as simple as completing a Workout that didn’t have a pre-existing Calendar entry on the day the Workout was completed?

I’m assuming there’s some utility for some TR users from this level of training ‘accounting’ else TR wouldn’t have included it?

Good questions! I’ll explain:

  • You’re correct in saying that only workouts previously entered by the rider will have the “Planned” label applied to them. If a rider uploads an activity to their TR Calendar that wasn’t a pre-existing workout or event, no “Planned” (or “Unplanned”) label will appear.

  • We actually don’t label unplanned workouts as “Unplanned”. :slight_smile: Instead, unplanned workouts simply show a workout type icon (e.g. “TR”, a picture of a bike for an outdoor ride, a shoe icon for a running workout, and so on…).

  • The primary use case for the “Planned” label is to allow riders to get a high-level glance at how closely they’re following whatever training/racing structure they originally built out with Calendar.

I hope this helps, @AldridgePrior!

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