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Hello to you all!

I am participating in a research project, and I am not able to use a HR-monitor or my own powermeter pedals during the trial. I would however like to have the workout performed in the project logged in my TrainerRoad calendar, as the workout yesterday was a clear PB for my 90 min power numbers.

I have created the workout in the calendar through the “custom workout” feature, but since I did not record the data it is marked as “skipped”. Is this possible to fix, and if so then how?

Tried searching for an answer for this on the forum, but did not find anything. My first thread on here, so if this has already been answered in a similar thread I am sorry; feel free to delete my thread.

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I think unless the calendar sees a file sync’d from another service it is just a “plan”.

If a “planned” workout (custom or otherwise) never receives real data then it marks as skipped because it never saw the record if it happening.

I suppose to get it to not say skipped you would need to sync the data from your Garmin or otherwise to the TR account?

I have not tried these items specifically, so just some ideas inferred from other behaviors… Maybe I am misunderstanding the issue.

  1. For a planned workout, the only way it can be “complete” is if you upload a workout file that gets linked to the planned one. You can do this manually with a related file, or it will do it automatically if TR sees a ride that is similar to the planned one.

  2. Your only other option is to do a manual “non-cycling” activity, still select bike, and enter the related time and RPE. Then check the completed box and it will be "done.


Thank you very much!

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