Calendar Feature - Substitute?

Sorry if this has been covered, but is there a way to substitute outdoor rides and/or skip workout button. I don’t see this anymore and it made it really easy to modify the plan on the fly.

You can substitute (the old “Assign” feature) an outdoor ride to a TR planned workout. The feature is not as flexible as it used to be and in the early stages of use I’ve found I’ve had to be much more involved managing the plan to fit with other commitments. One tip for matching an outdoor ride to a TR planned workout, you need the planned TR workout to be on the same day in your calendar as the outdoor workout otherwise you can not match them, took me a little while to figure this and is different to how things used to work.

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Hey Chaser!

If the day that the workout was planned passes without the workout being completed, it will automatically be skipped. If you wish to un-skip it, all you need to do is drag it to the day that you will actually complete the ride.

As for substiting an outdoor ride in place of your planned ride, this article goes over how to associate an Outdoor Ride.


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So what if I substituted a run instead of a ride? The only way that I can add an “other” workout is to make it look like it was planned. I’d like to know that I “substituted” the run instead of the planned ride, but I can’t associate them. Instead it looks like both were planned and it messes up the planned TSS for the week.

Seems like my only option right now is to either deal with it, or delete the planned ride.

In the future would it be possible to either:

  1. “Assign” an “other” workout for a ride
  2. Have “unplanned” “other” activities

Both might actually be good features.


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What happens if you leave the ride on there and let it mark itself as “skipped”? You could add a note/title to highlight the substitution.

Here is an illustration of my “unplanned” workouts on Tuesday and Friday and intended substitute on Sunday.

And then on Sunday I was at the NICA race and substituted running up and down the ski runs instead of the trainer ride. The three “other” workouts added to the planned TSS for the week when they really weren’t “planned” and in the last case was intentionally a substitute for a TR ride.

This is a good point, I’m not sure we considered this use case when it comes to Planned vs. Unplanned weekly TSS. I will share your feedback with the team :+1:


The need for a strong association between the substituted workout and a skipped planned work isn’t really needed. So entering my “other” work out and letting the TR workout be marked as skipped would be fine. I could add an annotation or workout notes.

My concern is that the “other” workout only has the ability to show up as a “planned” workout right now and thus artificially inflates the target TSS for the week. It probably isn’t that big a deal as what you really care about is the actual TSS. But it if you wanted to look at how well you were following a plan it would add an additional confusion on how well (or not well) in this case you followed the plan.

@Bryce : Just another illustration of my desire to be able to have “unplanned” workouts that aren’t rides.

I tried to convince my wife to run on the treadmill while I did my TR workout tonight. She said she would rather ride the trainer, so being the good husband I said she could ride the trainer and I would run instead.

So I’d like to log the run and still show the originally planned TR workout as uncompleted. Instead I add my run and either need to delete the planned workout or just live with the now incorrect planned weekly TSS (planned TSS was 421 before I added tonight’s run).