Mark Workout as done outdoor?


There used to be a option to mark a workout from the training plan as done out door. Today I had a 2 hour workout scheduled in my training plan but the weather was so good I decided to do it outside instead.
No my workout from outside is synced to TrainerRoad but the planed workout from the training plan is still in my calendar.
Is the they way to do it now just to delete the undone workout in the calendar ?

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Hey there!

The way you can mark a plannned ride as “done” is to associate your Outdoor Ride with your Planned Ride. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Go to the TR Calendar in your browser.
  2. Ensure that the Planned Ride is on the same day as the Outdoor Ride was completed.
  3. Click your Outdoor Ride
  4. Click the “Associate Ride” option
  5. Then, select the Planned Ride you would like it to be associated with.

Hope this helps!


Thanks that solved the problem :slight_smile:

I also have to thank you. That’s what I was also looking for !!!:ok_hand::ok_hand:

Was looking for this as well. Is it something that we will soon be able to do on the app or is there a way it can be done already? Thanks.

Currently, the app functionality is limited to “read-only” Calendar Access. In the future, we will be bringing more and more functionality to the application, including the ability to add, edit and delete rides and activities, as well as the ability to associate rides and adjust your Training Plans.

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Sounds good, I look forward to future app updates! Thanks for the info :+1: