PlanBuilder - What happens to the structured plan when a new B race clashes with a workout?


I’ve created a low volume training plan using PlanBuilder to work towards my two TT races that I’ve classified as my “A” races. These are in early May and July respectively. So far so good.

The plan it gave me looks sensible and it gives me 3 workouts per week. This will allow for the odd group ride with friends at weekends and other types of training etc.

What happens if I add some B races and they clash with a workout date?

Will the B race override the workout?

Do I get the option to move the overridden workout if I feel I can do both?

What happens if I later cancel a B race? Will the original workout reappear? Or would I have to add in a workout manually if I decide not to do a B event for some reason?

Hey there,

When you add a B race, you’d want to replace the current workout for the day with the race - I’m not sure at the moment if Plan Builder will adjust to that for you, but it’s an easy change on the calendar also. There have been hints dropped of Plan Builder helping to account for sickness, vacations, etc too.
Optionally, you might wish to add an opener the day before your race? If you’re not sure, that would be worth testing early in the season to see how you feel and how that fits in with the rest of your LV plan.

When I have a race that the date might change, I put it on the calendar and leave the scheduled workout in place also just in case I decide not to race, or if the date changes - I can also have an idea of what the scheduled TSS and workout structure was for that day, as I may try to replicate it. Just leaves me more options and feeling “on plan”.

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I decided to add a B race to the same day one of the PlanBuilder’s workouts was scheduled.

When doing it, it asked whether I wanted the plan recalculated. Without knowing the consequences I said yes.

Unfortunately it has totally screwed up all of the following workouts and moved everything forwards!!!

My original slightly tailored planbuilder said:

Monday - workout
Tuesday - workout
Thursday - workout

I wanted to change the Tuesday workout for a B race. Now it says:

Monday - nothing
Tuesday - B race
Thursday - workout

So it has eliminated the workout before the B race, eliminated the workout on the same day as the B race and looks like it left Thursday the same.

I haven’t looked enough to see if it has changed anything else, all just because I added a B race. :frowning:

How do I undo this?

Also, how can I add other races without it automatically changing a previous training schedule?


Hey @colinio,

Thanks for reaching out, I’m really sorry for the confusion.

When adding a “B” Race, the behavior is as follows:

  • Drop the workout before, and replace it with a race opener if you have that option selected in Plan Builder
  • Drop the workout on the race date and replace with the B Race
  • Drop the workout after to allow time to recover

This is the desired behavior because a B race is somewhat of a big deal, and we want to allow for a little bit of freshness going in, and a little bit of recovery coming out of the event.

If you want to simply replace a workout with a weeknight race, then this is when you would want to add a “C” Race. When this recalculates, it will simply swap out the planned workout for the “C” Race.

Sadly, there is no way to undo the reprocessing action once you’ve taken it. What you’ll need to do is find the annotation of what plan you’re currently in, and count from that annotation to see what week of that plan you’re on. Then, find that plan in the Training Plan catalog and manually add back in the workouts that were unintentionally dropped.