Races and Workouts on the same day?

I’ve a B race tomorrow and Plan builder has a threshold work out tomorrow aswell. Its a TT and I hope to have got everything out for it and don’t want to leave anything for a work out. I’ve noticed that there’s workouts scheduled for the same day as my next few TT’s is this normal and am I right if I raced right to ignore the workout.

Any chance that workout is a leftover from a prior workout, or one that was “disassociated” from Plan Builder from manual movement on the Calendar?

Just guessing that it may not be associated with your current PB plan. That or some other reason that PB is not seeing your event on the calendar due to when that was added. Maybe the event was added after you did the original PB?

In any event, I would skip or delete the workout and just do your race.

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It seemed to have happened when I rebuilt the plan.

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