Feature Request: Weekend Free Training Plan Option for Plan Builder

With AT hopefully coming out of Beta soon (hope, not prediction :grinning:), it would be great if Plan Builder would have the option for a weekend free plan. The idea being that the structured workouts would only be on specific days during the week (e.g., T, W, Thu), leaving the weekends free to do group rides.

Yes, I know that you can do this now with the LV Plans, but doing three straight days of intensity is too much. This would probably be a variant of the Polarized plans with 2 intensity days separated by an endurance day. Yes, I can create this for myself, but would be a great addition to have this type of plan that would work with AT.

Or if there is a way to do this already (select LV, and manually switch out the Wednesday ride for an endurance ride) that works with AT, let me know.


That just seems like the polarized plans. Just make the weekend rides outside or delete them.


If I’m understanding your scenario, you want to keep Saturdays and Sundays free for group rides, and Mondays and Fridays free for recovery? A bunch of the low-volume Tri plans only have two bike sessions per week, so you could use those and discard the run/swim sessions. TrainNow could also be a good fit.

The TR folks have talked about a future end state with Plan Builder/AT that lets you select which days to work out and for how long, without a prescribed number or duration. I’d imagine that will happen before a dedicated Tuesday-Thursday plan.

I don’t speak for TR but I could see their hesitancy in creating such a plan at this time.

Since they have no idea what you’d be doing on the weekends, it would be very difficult for them to blindly create a Tue/Wed/Thu plan. Even with AT, it would still be more or less a one-size-fits-all plan in these early stages, and they’d inevitably catch a bunch of flak for the plan being too easy for some and too hard for others (what’s new, right?).

I think in a few years when AT matures a bit and is able to fully dissect and score unstructured, outdoor rides, we might see what you’re looking for, since a lot of people are probably wishing for the same thing.

I’ve thought of the polarized plans, but the honest truth is I don’t do well on the trainer with long above threshold efforts. Try as I might, it just bothers my knees to the point I have to cut back on training.

Yes, I could do just train now sessions, but that loses the concept of progression.

Here’s holding out for when AT fully handles outdoor rides.

What would happen if you…

  • Use Plan Builder
  • Schedule all of your weekend rides as B (or C?) events
  • Opt for a MV plan,
  • and schedule all your workouts for T, W, Th, Sa, & Su?

PB would replace the Sa and Su workouts with your outside rides. And if you accurately estimated your TSS for your weekend rides and matched those to intensity level of the workouts they would be replacing, you might find that your T, W, & Th workouts are not 3-days of intensity, but rather play reasonably well with the outside free rides you have on the weekends.

I’m not sure this is sure fire solution, but it might be worth a shot to see what PB gives you.

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Last year I was away for work Tues-Fri. Tried to get all my workouts done over the weekend Sat thru Mon.

I had some success by taking the Tues-Wed-Thurs workouts out of the mid volume plans. The detraining over the week didn’t do me many favours but it could work well for your scenario.

This is a HIGH priority for the development team, for what its worth. :sunglasses:


Interesting idea - I never thought of that.

Thanks for the suggestion

I would guess there are way more people with a priority of doing weekend group rides and as a lower priority want to get faster than the number of people who want to get faster as their priority and for their other noon major rides to fit around the training

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I do LV and switch the workout days to MWF so I’ve always got an ez day in between the interval days.

Really like having the weekends free of structure so I can do whatever kind of ride I want.

Lately it’s a longish MTB or a gravel ride on Sat and something easier on Sunday. I mix it up a lot though. Group rides, Zwift rides, local small MTB races, just depends on what’s going on each weekend.

Totally agree. I fall into this category: I do structured training so I get stronger / faster to be able to do group rides with friends, and the occasional Gran Fondo / Gravel ride (race?).

This is probably the way to go. Unfortunately, you can’t make recurring events in plan builder so it would be a pain in the ass to go through and create 2 event for every weekend.

@IvyAudrain Maybe this warrants a separate thread for a new feature request. But I think adding the ability to make recurring events in plan builder would be relatively straight forward (since you can already do it in the calendar) and would help for situations like this with weekly group rides or with weekly crit or cross races.

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Definitely on the team’s radar! Cheers.