Setting up Plan Builder for specific days with one long ride every Saturday

• 60-year-old. Been training a lot indoors since 2006 when I got a CT. Been using TR for the past 4 years or so.
• My main goal is to do well on the Assault on Mt Mitchell (A race) 6:20 2 years ago and the Maratona delle Dolomiti (B race) 7:20 last year. I would also like to do an imperial century or long ride every Saturday, most will be indoor on Zwift.
• I can ride every day except Monday and Friday.
• I am trying to set up my TR plan builder to include these parameters.

  1. Should I enter all the Saturday rides as C races? If so, is there a simple way to do that?) Or as I have read insert 4 hours workouts every Saturday before building the plan?
    a. I already do not do the centuries on recovery weeks and stay with the slower groups early in the season.
  2. I can train up to 2 hours on Tu WE TR and Sunday
  3. What is the best way to set this up in plan builder
  4. any recommendation on how to better train for really long days in the saddle.
  5. Is there an issue with never doing any high-intensity work? I feel that I might benefit from some 30 on 30 offs or something similar but they never appear in the workouts.

Hey @betulla

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So, Plan Builder doesn’t really work this way: it won’t allow you to define “available time”; it will rather provide you something to fill your time with (and through the plan configuration, you’ll be able which days you want the scheduled workout to be), on top of which you can then add whatever you want (Adaptive Training will, to a certain extent, respond to the extra load you earn in non-plan-related activities, although it’s not entirely there yet).

What I’d suggest you do is create a plan ignoring your weekend rides, then add them later (that’s what I do, adding strength training and my Saturday long ride)

Just as an idea of what I do.

I use a low volume plan. I do the two workouts in the week, ignore the weekend workout and do what I want. Sometimes I will use Train Now to add a workout mid week if I want to.

I use the training to get me intensity, endurance rides are easy for me to do.

Thanks. I’ll try that.