Do/Should I add weekly races to my plan builder? If so, how?

Hey all,
my weekly TT series begins in a few weeks. I will use these races to prepare for the state TT later this summer, and hopefully nationals. Should I add these races to my plan builder? And if so, just one, or all of them? And if IF so…is there a ‘repeat’ feature in PB to make this easier?
If not, which one (if any) should I add to the calendar or do I just roughly guesstimate/replace a weekly workout with the TT? Cheers!

This covers doing repeat items:


Cool! Either never saw or never noticed that before. I will go ahead and add it now. Thanks Chad!

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Hmm, I went into the builder (using windows) and couldn’t find the repeat selection. Just to clarify, do I need to delete the old (first) event and create a new one? Because when I tried a new event it didn’t have the repeat option, and if I created a new workout it wanted me to select one from the epic list of TR workouts. What am I missing here :stuck_out_tongue:

You cannot create a repeating Event - only workouts. What you CAN do is create the first one and then use the copy feature on the calendar to paste it into other weeks.


Ah, okay, that makes sense. What should I add for a workout then, because I want to make sure my seasonal progression stays consistent with a TT effort thrown in regularly (as in, I don’t want it to add or remove too much intensity or specific workouts because I insert the wrong type).
Has anyone put a repeating race feature in the ‘feature request’ section yet, by the way?

I do not think Plan Builder takes the type of event into account at all. I have a weekly group ride that I put in as a Rolling Road Race C event and if it lined up with a workout it just replaced the workout of that day. So I moved my workouts around so that they do not line up with my group rides and then plan on removing the workout for that week which matches up close enough. Not sure if my way is the best or not. Just my plan.

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Hmm, okay, that sounds good. I will go ahead and play around with it and see what I can come up with. Thanks for taking the time to help!

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That is dependent on your selected class. C events are effectively “ignored” other than swapping an event. B and A events will follow a different rule set and may leave gaps as appropriate.

yeah, I’ve got that part down. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to assign the right priority to my different events to make sure my plan builder gives me the right type of workouts that I need LOL. my problem last year was making all of my a priority events 40K tt, which gave me the sustained power build. But my bread and butter is sustained power, so I felt like I wasn’t getting enough VO2 workouts to keep building FTP and fitness in general.
I was wondering what sort of priority to assign a weekly race series, but since they are just workouts in plan builder, that makes it pretty simple. Cheers!

UH OH! It looks like this :point_up_2: ‘copy’ or duplicate key isn’t working when an event is opened/expanded from your calendar. You can still copy an event from the calendar while its minimized, but we are looking into this issue currently and will get it addressed as soon as possible.
Just an update, sorry for any confusion caused by this!


Lol, I was wondering what was going on. I kept clicking it and nothing was happening… After a few clicks I started looking around the house to make sure I wasn’t opening the garage door instead.
Glad the bug is in the system and not in my head. Thanks for the help Ivy!

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