Plan builder taper for a stage race

I was playing with the plan builder and I threw a 3+1 day event in to my calendar and was curious about the taper that it seems to be trying to give me. The event starts on a Thursday and goes through to Sunday. My question is, on the week prior, it seems that it has a full week planned for me, while my taper “week” is only three days long. Is that supposed to be like that?

I have read through the notes for the week and understand what it is saying about tapering on low/mid volume plans is unnecessary, however this is the high volume version.

I am curious this is intended behavior of the plan builder, or if I should modify it to something else? I am not a super guru with training plans, however that does not seem correct. If that is working as intended, awesome, lets do it! If not, I would love a little bit of guidance.