Is this a suitable A race taper?

It’s now 3 weeks until my main event and I’m not sure if this is a proper taper or plan builder is going mad, but I thought I’d throw it to the masses who have tapered before! If it’s doing something funky I’ll ping the ever helpful support team.

Considering my current progression levels only three days before my A race (20 hours - 320km think I set it as a gran Fondo with a tss of 387) they look suspiciously hard/progressive instead of tapering down to the big effort.

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Taper is based on the load your are used to.

The last week tells us nothing. If your volume is such that you are prepped for a 20hr race then 2.5h threshold, sweet spot then recovery seems reasonable to me.

My normal TSS is here: Training Stress - TrainerRoad

But in short I’ve definitely not been doing 2.5 hours at threshold!

Ive just had my A race and taper week the PL of one workout was less than half my PL, and the other was just over half of it.

Tapering is very personal so I customize the final week to what works for me. The Week prior is a recover week of reduced volume and intensity. Then I get back in the gas a bit (but not much) the week of the event.

Race week is usually something like this:

Monday- Sanford +1 (or some variation)
Tuesday- Endurance Pace
Wednesday - Endurance Pace
Thursday - Sleeping Beauty (or some variation)
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 30-60 min easy / pre-ride
Sunday - Race

It wasn’t correct! Support had me delete and remake my plan and now it’s actually lower and easier instead of actually being a harder week than this one.