Best Way to Remove Specialty Taper?

When I first got access to AT I set up a new plan builder plan with no specific event in mind (all my planned events were cancelled anyway), it had been going fairly well so far but I’m just starting the first specialty block and noticed there is a full taper before going back to base training.

This doesn’t really make much sense to me, but if I fiddle with the workouts I think I’m going to break AT. Is the answer just to use TrainNow for those 2 weeks in place of what’s actually scheduled, or has anyone found something better?

You could either do what you said and just builder two weeks of workouts. Or try to do a peak toward a fake practice event. If you will have events to do in the future then it could be a good opportunity to practice your taper (some people like a shorter taper, others a more drawn out one). It would also just give you another opportunity to practice your event nutrition, etc.

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I would have thought the easiest way would be to use Plan Builder. It set up a taper for me before a June A race. The A race was postponed to September and now next year. When the plan auto recalculated around the first new date it removed the June taper and now its recalculated round the next years date it has removed the September taper.

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That’s pretty neat that it works that way when you have an event. I actually set my plan builder up with no date in mind, so it just gave me a year’s worth of plan. I could add a fake event, but then I’d end up in the same situation later on.

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The plan builder FAQs detail setting up a plan without a specific event.