Plan builder and taper week before an A event

I am trying to use plan builder for the first trying to adjust my training due to the cancelation of so many events this Spring. I figured I would try the plan builder. I adjusted the starting date for this season, which was all the way back on Nov 1 2019. I left a few B events that have not been canceled (yet) and have an A event on August 1. To my surprise, the plan builder is giving me a week of full training at the end of 4-week block of interval training before the event. Where is the taper? What am I missing here?


There are workouts in taper weeks. They are most often similar intensity, but shorter (sometimes half the time) compared to the weeks that came before it.

Are you looking at the specific workouts, time, TSS and such, or just assuming there should be more skipped days?

Edit to add a good reference:

Got it, thanks, I see 45 min sessions yes

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