Training for Long Cycling Vacation with Plan Builder

I was excited to start using the new plan builder but running into a bit of difficulty when I updated my plan with a new event. I am going to be doing an intense cycling “vacation” in Italy at the end of May. I used the stage racing option to include 10 days of riding and designated them as climbing road race since that seemed to be the closest option (I’ll be climbing Stelvio, Mortirolo, Sestriere amongst others). When I used Plan Builder to adjust my calendar, it added the race days but the plan has me still training as normal in the specialty phase and just substitutes a day of intensity for a day of openers the day prior to the start of my 10 days of riding. There is no taper. Although my vacation is not really a race, I want to come into it in the best shape possible and be rested enough to enjoy the challenges of the days ahead. Also the plan added all 10 days of the event but did not delete the rest week rides that were originally scheduled after the first 4 stages. Any advice for how to alter the training leading up to the trip would be greatly appreciated.