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I’ve got a query on using the Plan Builder - so I’m training for Ironman Lanzarote in May - I’m just coming to end of Long distance Triathlon base. So if I go into Plan Builder - and I put the start date for a couple of weeks time - presumably it thinks I’m starting from scratch. So how do I “let it know” that Ive already being training 12+ weeks. If I back date the start date the plan should have been alternating 8wks base 8wks build 8 but of course I didn’t do this - Ive just done an extended base.

Would I be better off just sticking to my original plan - 12-14wks long distance build and then speciality.
Or is there someone to get Plan Builder to take into account what you’ve already done coming into it with todays start date?

Hope that’s clear:))

Plan Builder currently is unable to look at past workouts/plans, so you would have to use the workaround of setting your start date in the past. The other option if you’re not in need of using plan builder is to structure your plans the traditional way of having specialty ending on your A race, then Build before that and any remaining time fit in Base. Schedule your plan working backwards from May.

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Thanks @MI-XC - yeah Ill just go down the traditional route :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually, plan builder will look at what you did as part of a plan if you set the start date back to when you started the plan.

On my phone so sharing the link to this is a little beyond me today.