Extra winter base/build prior to triathlon plan?

I start preparing for a full distance IM this spring. I’d like to do a full base/build starting in mid December. I manually entered the polarized plans, however I’d like to use plan builder and try the new masters plans (plus all the new features like being able to switch workout duration, etc.). How can I do this without an event and without plan builder putting in a specialty phase? I want the build to end right before I start the full distance base plan. Thanks!


Just put in a base plan without plan builder

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Hey there,

You can add in each individual phase of your annual plan to your TR Calendar if you’d like to do so rather than using Plan Builder – that should get your phases set up without having a Specialty Phase applied.

You can find instructions here:

Thanks Zackery. I guess my question wasn’t very clear.

Is there a way to use plan builder without adding in the specialty phase?

I was hoping to use plan builder so I could use all of the new features (being able to use the drop down to switch plans if i decide I’m not liking the new masters plan, being able to use the drop downs on the workouts to change workout length, etc.). Right now I have a polarized base and build in my calendar, I moved all the workouts to certain days. If I was able to use plan builder I would be able to use the drop down, select masters and TR would populate my calendar. Winning! I guess I’ll just put it in manually, readjust all of the days, and see how that goes without being able to use these new features for now, not winning. Lol.

If I’m missing something please let me know. If not, thank you for your reply.


Not what I was asking, I tried to clarify my question above.

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With a bit of trial and error you might be able to gerrymander it by telling it that your event is a few weeks further away than it really is?

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