Plan Building & Re-scheduling Events

I want to bring this up and see how others maneuvered around this issue because to me it seems like a major flaw in the plan builder.

I started a new plan on January 1st with TR. I was doing my own Z2 base training before that using I plugged in an A event and plan building spit out a decent plan. I completed the first block (3 weeks) of base training and am in the middle of a rest week (week 4). Due to planning a vacation in Europe this summer I decided to bring my A event 3 weeks closer. What I was expecting to happen is that plan building would read the block I just completed, let me complete my rest week and revise the plan going forward. What it did was completely trashed my rest week and started giving me intense workouts right in the middle of rest week. This completely screwed up the plan.

This is so disappointing considering I signed back on to TR after being coached for a couple years. I was excited to try the new AI features but it seems like it still has a long way to go. I don’t understand why it doesn’t look at the last couple weeks of logged training when making a new plan. Now I don’t even want to add B-events to the calendar because I don’t know how it will react. This is baffling and I hope it gets improved.

For now I just had to cut out the first week of the 2nd block of training so that I can finish my rest week. Then I have a shorter 3-week block before it resumes the plan on regular 4-week blocks. Also wondering if this is just a me problem or if others have had similar experiences. TIA.

Hey @Marek,

I’m sorry for any trouble! We’re looking into this now.

Sounds like a bug. I removed a B event from mid-Feb (leaving my A event in late March the same) a few days ago and the plan rebuilt correctly (effectively replaced the taper before the B race with another Build week, if I’m reading my own plan correctly).

And there are definitely edge cases in Plan Builder. One example I’ve hit a few times is recovery weeks vs vacation. There’s no way to force the recovery onto the vacation week. TR’s response (which is reasonable) was they don’t know if “time off” is truly a relaxing vacation (week at beach) vs business travel vs a stressful week of visiting in-laws. I’d love to be able to flag a time-off block as “this is real time-off, sync it with a recovery block”. Not a big deal - I just move workouts around some.

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Alright @Marek,

After digging into this one, I’ve found that this isn’t exactly a bug but rather an edge-case scenario that, as of now, could result in this outcome depending on where you’re currently at in your training plan.

Plan Builder uses the data from A events to build out your training from that particular date back to the present. If you’re in the middle of a plan and then move that date closer to today, the plan gets pushed back with it. It doesn’t yet account for prior work done when building/rebuilding a plan, so things may require a little bit of manual adjusting to get things back on track when this situation arises, which is something we’d be more than happy to help out with. :mechanic:

It’s also worth noting this could only ever be an issue when modifying the date of an A event, as B and C events don’t have the same type of pull on your training plan, so no worries there!

Sorry for any confusion and all the trouble! I’d be happy to help get things sorted out with your plan if they’re not already in a state that you’re happy with. Just say the word! :blush:

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@eddiegrinwald Thanks for your reply. It is what it is. I’ll work around it.

One more thing I wanted to point out is that when I did change the date of my A race. The TR plan builder completely built a new plan from the current date. The problem I have with that is that it was giving me workouts I already completed during the first block disregarding my current workout levels. It appears plan builder doesn’t even read the athlete’s current workout levels (your metric) if it recommended the same workouts I just did 2 or 3 weeks ago. Something for the TR engineers to figure out because the TR planning software seems half baked the way it is now.

Thanks for the feedback.

Adaptive Training should adapt workouts in your current phase to meet your Progression Levels. There is often a lot of confusion around why some future workouts aren’t in alignment with an athlete’s Progression Levels, and that’s usually because AT doesn’t adapt workouts outside of your current phase. As soon as the next phase starts, you’ll have pending adaptations for those workouts.

In your case, were you being prescribed workouts outside of your PLs in your current phase? From the looks of it, your upcoming workouts align with your current PLs well.

Let me know your thoughts…

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Hey, so here’s another bug that’s bothering me. Whenever I click on a block button
image to modify something just for that block (number of hours, order of workouts, etc.) I get a reset of the plan as if it were starting today. For example, it’s showing me this
image. Todays date even though I started my plan on January 1st. I get this annotation popup every time I make changes to a block.
Can this be cleaned up?

Hey @Marek,

I can see how this could be confusing… I’ll mention it to the team and see what they have to say about it.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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