Training Plan has me on a rest week on week 3 of my base? A event set for mid February

Seems weird that Plan Builder has me taking a rest week on my 3rd week of base. Has anyone else experienced similar? I just took a 10 day off season and I’m ready to train!

How many weeks are there between your plan start date and your A event? If it’s less than 28 weeks then PB has to trim down the duration of your training plan, and I think it decides how to do this based on the answer you give to the experience level question when building the plan.


I don’t think this is that strange. I think it’s pretty unlikely that an extra rest week 5 months from your event will make a big difference in your fitness on the day. My best guess is that it’s working backward to make sure that your rest weeks and taper are being managed correctly during the last 2 months of the training plan and then working backward to space the rest weeks.

Could be wrong, but that’s just my guess. You can probably just train through it if you really don’t want the rest week.


That makes a ton of sense now that I review my entire plan leading up to my event. I have a lot of training experience and a really solid base, so it makes sense to trim base and start my build early in November. This is all making sense, thanks for helping my brain get there. :slight_smile:


That makes sense. I just am very Type A and don’t want to lose a week of training hard when I feel rested already, but it all makes sense. I am just being extra I think.