Change start date of Training Plan?

Newbie here. I was on a one month trial subscription and I slapped together a year long triathlon training plan that began in late December. I did that just to see how the process worked, and how the calendar would populate. I’m now subscribed for the year, but I want to change the start date of the training plan I created.

I want to start the tri specific training plan I already created in April, and then I want to create a new training plan from Jan-Mar that specifically focuses on just increasing bike strength, FTP, etc. Is there anyway I can change the start date of the plan I already created from Dec to April? I can’t find a way to edit that start date.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Also, if anyone has a suggestion that this question might be better off in a different forum category, please let me know, I didn’t know where to ask this.

As far as I know you cannot change the date of a plan already on your calendar. You can push the whole plan to a later date. See the link above. I am not sure about how pushing a plan would work with plan builder.

Or you can delete the plan and create a new one on a later date.


Thank you for the reply. It’s feeling like I’ll delete that test plan I made and instead make two separate plans for the two different time frames. I’m stuck inside with winter, and no access to a pool because of Covid. So for now I’m just going to concentrate on strengthening my bike skills until March.

Yeah, I’d say just delete your plan (the event’s will remain in place), then create a plan and include those events when prompted.

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Thank you, its going to be a long winter!