Plan Builder - 8 weeks with no rest

I’ve been off for a few weeks due to overtraining and have a few weeks of holiday travel coming up, so I’m starting to plan for next year. I’m anxious to get going, but I’m also focused on not getting myself into another situation where I have to take extended time off the bike because I’m overcooked. Note: I have nothing planned yet, so no events are built into the plan that runs from January 1 to August 1.

I just went into Plan Builder, and it gave me:
4 weeks SSBI
Rest week
3 weeks General Build (no rest week)
Straight into 5 weeks SSBII
Rest week

That’s 8 weeks of work before the next rest week. It then goes into a more normal pattern of 3-4 weeks on, 1 week off.

Is this normal? Should I just accept it and assume that AT will modify it later and add more rest?

What about building in some time off as a rest week, so plan builder will recalc around that?

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same plan for me. 6 wk ssb with recovery. 3 wk build no recovery into 6 wk ssb with recovery. but i took a recovery week after the three week build even though it wasnt scheduled.

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Yeah, I can manually add a rest week, I’m just surprised PB didn’t, and wondering if it’s one of those things where after the first workout the whole plan auto adjusts.

I don’t think that Plan Builder will add in rest weeks once the plan is built. So, if you don’t have one now I don’t think you can expect one to be added later unless you add it yourself.

Might be worth bringing up to support, especially since it sounds like it’s happening to more than one person.


Thanks! That’s exactly what I was wondering. I was hoping people would jump in with “that has/has not happened to me”

Hi all - just a follow up in case people find this later through search.

TR finally replied and told me that this is a known bug, suggesting I use TrainNow to create a recovery week and ignore the plan.


Glad Kent was able to isolate what you were experiencing and help you get sorted!
I’m going to track this bug report and I’ll be sure to provide an update on this thread when there is a fix.

In the meantime, let myself or Kent know if you need any further assistance. We’re here to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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