Pioneer NZ 2019 - Training

Hey All,

I have signed up for the NZ Pioneer 2019 - 1-6 December. I have a baby on the way in the next couple of days and will have limited outdoor time. I have managed to build good endurence and have been focusing on base work. My MTB skills are sound and I have a few races locked in pre Pioneer.

Couple of questions:

  • 18 weeks out - what plan/s do you recommend I start with and what volume?
  • I have a tacx neo with a road bike set up. Is this suffice or should I be training on MTB indoors?

Thanks so much. Lewis.

Wish I was doing that race! If it was me, knowing how much the baby is going to impact your sleep/recovery I’d just try to do a sh1tload of sweet spot work on the trainer and get a mtb ride in every once in a while to keep the skills sharp. Not very sophisticated I know…

Cheers! That’s the plan!