First Mountain Bike Race

Hey everyone. I’m going to enter my first Mountain Bike race since starting TR in December 2021. The race is June 26, 2022. It’s a basic XCO race – 2hrs of hard riding on largely flowing single track with abrupt elevation surges. Any advice on when and how to use Plan Builder to prep for this race? Thanks!

That’s great!
I’m partial to VO2Max and threshold workouts. Just let plan builder get you dialed in and then give’em hell

What race? Where is it? Good luck with it. Train consistent and have fun

8 weeks out? I’d be interested in what PB does spit out for you. If you have a good base I’d advise some under/overs as well as VO2 Max and threshold work. The more race specific workouts will be closer to under/overs but will also spike into anaerobic zones.

For me personally I would focus on my base fitness (you either have some now, or you don’t) and try to plug in 2 days/week of intensity and at the very least one full day a week on single track. If you can do your TR workouts outdoors and near trails do that. You can knock out the workout then plan on some trails afterwards as a reward.

You can’t gain too much deep fitness between now and then so focus on being comfortable on the bike and at the energy systems you know you’ll face. Good Luck!

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Plug all of that into plan builder and see what it comes up with. Name it your A race if its the only one you plan on doing this year.