Finishing plan and new A event in 11 weeks

Just finished a full round of base/build/speciality over winter with brilliant results. Now heading into the road/mtb season in UK and have an A event that’s in May- I’ve only just realised I’ll be doing it- so it hasn’t been factored into the plan yet.

Do I go Sweetspot base or into build/specialty? Is going back into vo2/threshold stuff too much after only a taper week and a recovery week? I’m happy to do it but don’t wanna burn out before summer!



Rule #1 is to add the event to your TR Calendar and use Plan Builder to see what it offers. You can refine the results a bit with the setting of your actual start date (sometimes good to set when you started your Base long ago), as well as changing the “Experience” setting that alters the focus (Base vs Build vs Specialty.

I’d start there and see what you get.

Have changed the ‘experience’ tab and options are sweetspot vs build. So I’m none the wiser to be honest- both will work so guess it isn’t the end of the world- maybe some sweetspot plus some vo2 towards the end of it.