Training plan question

Hi all, I just came off a full season of MTB marathon racing and finished up with CX. I have had a huge base this year with about 6000 miles and well over 400,000 feet climbed. And did very well winning my Masters Class in Butte and doing very well in the cx series.

That being said I’m trying to focus on MTB Marathon Nationals (still time and place TBD by USAC ) and CX Nationals in Tacoma as my A races for the year. Backup plan for MTB Marathon Is the Butte 50 at the end of July as a backup or training race. 2nd on the priority list.

I also have a 4 man team for the 24 hours of Old Pueblo in February, a USMES training camp in March , and a 3 day stage race gravel and road in April…sheesh!

I did think about MTB Xc Nats in Winter Park Co. But that is far different than training than Marathon MTB

**My question is I just loaded the Hi Vol. SS Base plan #2 and started that. My thinking is just do that #2 SS base through 17 Dec. then start a general power build and a Xc MTB specialty interrupted by the 24 Hop.(which I want to do well at)

I’m just having a hard time trying to figure out if I need to do a full base plan , not just the second series of Hi Vol SsB , a full SsBuild, then a MTB marathon specialize wth the early season racing I have planned. The April 3 day stage race requires some vo2 max and high int. Threshold work too.

Additionally how do I properly transition from a mid to end planned peak, to another planned peak in Nov for super high intensity Cx Series and Nationals staring in Sept.
I really only have 6 weeks from the end of July to the start of Cx racing every weekend and wed nights.

Sorry for throwing all that out there, maybe 2 seperate disciplines like Marathon and cx is incompatible in the same year.

Thank you for your podcasts and any help you can throw my way.