Personal Records and Ramp Tests

My question relates to the interpretation of the data returned in the Personal Records section of the application. When comparing 1 min., 5 min., 10 min., etc. power bests from one season to the next to all time, it seems that my Ramp Test tends to win out. I’m wondering if it is appropriate for me to consider the Ramp Test when looking for my 5 minute best power? Should I be setting up my seasons to exclude the latest Ramp test in a given training block or should I not concern myself with it as it is what it is. Perhaps I just don’t have enough to data at this point to raise a concern. Just curious…

For this reason I exclude tests from my personal records. After you’ve ridden, open up your ride and then EDIT, lets you exclude them from there.

What are you concerned about? That you tend to get your best 1-5 min power when executing a pacing that is designed to get your best 1-5 min power? That’s an accurate representation of your abilities and something that you actually did.


What are you using the power PRs for that having a ramp test in them is disruptive?

The ramp test is a real effort. It shouldn’t produce PRs for any lengths of time where you actually go for a max effort. Anecdotally, though, it will “fill in” power PRs for durations where you haven’t otherwise done a near-max effort.

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Thank you! That helps a good deal.

If the Ramp test is producing power PR’s, I would guess that you don’t do very many race level efforts in the 10-25 minute range. If you’re not doing race efforts in that range, I wouldn’t think the PR’s from the Ramp Test would be showing you skewed data as far as what you’re known to be capable of.

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TR reckons I got 126 of them today but it looks like TR is reading some RGT files a little low.